Binary package hint: lyx The pdf files that lyx produces (pdflatex, ps2pdf and dvipdfm) have type 3 (bitmap) fonts embedded in them. Can somebody tell me how I can embed the fonts? Thanks, Rens At first sight, there’s the activation of Type 1 fonts missing (Cork Encoding). Hello All, Does Okular embed the fonts that are used for document creation in LyX? Can’t seem to find that information on the net – though I see.

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HenriMenke thanks for clarification.

If you want to define what the reader is allowed to do with your document, you have to use Adobe Acrobat open your PDF with Acrobat and set the properties. In that field, just paste ps2pdf. However, fonts may be missing in included image files. PDFs can be digitally signed, using an X code signing certificate. At first sight, there’s the activation of Type 1 fonts missing Cork Encoding.

Super clear instructions relevant for uploading a thesis to a repository when a non-embedded font was lurking in a figure fojts – thank you.

Bug # “LyX should not embed type 3 fonts in PDFs.” : Bugs : lyx package : Ubuntu

However, running these distributions with LyX is still tricky but might improve in the future. Timesas the name indicates, is designed for printing newspaper with small columns. I just want to mention Latin Modern, it’s derived from the default Computer Modern fonts and provides very high quality. I’m filing flnts here because I don’t see any way to change lyx’s behavior to work with ubuntu’s latex.

They are not bookmarks and you cannot link to or jump to bookmarks braindead as this seems How to make them? Some bleeding foonts distributions like XeTeX even provide support for OpenType fonts, which is the latest and greatest font format. Using a normal certificate allows you to verify that files have not been tampered with, and allows people to check the certificate, and who it was signed by.


Dara Adib daradib wrote on Here’s a set of packages that exhibits the problem: If you lyxx to keep the look of the default fonts, you have several possibilities.

I am surprised you hit this now. The Orientation comment is allowed in eps files.

Embedding Fonts in PDFs with pdflatex

HenriMenke as I wrote – “and then displayed the PDF on another computer that didn’t have the font” and yes, I tested it as I wrote in the answer – I tried opening it on a computer which for sure couldnt load that file from system, because it wasn’t there. Fonts are embedded on new version of pdflatex. emmbed

If they aren’t, anything you do with the output from pdflatex won’t work. There are lots of posts on this in the tex help forum https: Swistak swistakers wrote on In reply to this post by Nathan Miller. I am able to embed it with Acrobat by printing the PDF. This copy of ubuntu e,bed only a week or so old.

With a few minutes research, I noted the following from the ps2pdf documentation: There is no way to escape these special characters.

how do I embed all fonts using pdflatex on windows?

If you need a normal cert, I got a good deal, and help sorting out problems with Comodo from Mitchell at KSoftware approve sites.

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Installing cm-super fonts fixes this issue. I am not really attached to these fonts so if someone can tell me how to replace them, maybe that would do the trick. If the pages were labled differently for example: There is a preflight function of Adobe Acrobat Pro you could leverage. That’s why I assume it got loaded from the PDF. Of course, this may be a problem with non-Roman character sets, which are likely to be available as CID fonts only.


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Gather details and go ask on tex. Is there a way to embed the fonts with pdflatex, which is what I’m already using in Lyx? But even if I rename the directory to txfonts I still get the same error message.

I can confirm it texlive on Ubuntu 8. The fonts are oyx embedded in the exported PDF, what can I do? Make a PDF of the entire document, then use Ghostscript to produce a PDF of selected pages, as in the following which extracts pages 3 through 5 inclusive from sourcefile.

LyX – Users – how do I embed all fonts using pdflatex on windows?

Therefore the characters do not match as good as the ones from a real font. You’re right — that is scary. But after following the setup instructions I still get the error message: Here is my main tex file, and some extra style files I used. You need to hyperlink into specific information within them. I confirm that on hardy.

However Adobe Reader won’t by default, out of the box verify the certificate ofnts. You can reorder, rotate, and remove pages, export images from a document, edit the title, subject, author, and keywords, and combine documents via drag and drop.

I don’t perfectly understand: This uses ghostscript to fix fotns.