With the school admission notice, the required document of visa application for study in China (Form JWor JW), students apply for the student’s visa in. Today is July, 22, only around one month left until students from different countries have to fly to China to start their studies. The deadlines for. KCEL can arrange student visaX1, X2 for you according to your schedule and need. Click to know Chinese visa payment and application process.

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Posted November 22, Please make check or money order payable to VisaRite Service. Since fform student’s visa has a period of validity, students should arrange the trip reasonably and register at the university on time. What applies to westerners does not apply to other people.

In most cases, you must submit the completed original physical examination record when you start to apply your X visa.

China Student Visa (X1/X2)

An African journalist teaching English in China was refused the work permit and residence permit because of his race and nationality. I don’t think there’s any great risk in that respect unless you have an infectious disease of some sort.

Please include one copy with the documents you ship to us and keep one copy for your records. They then said, the seats were sold out. Posted November 21, It’s not impossible that a local government has decided it doesn’t want people from nations X, Y and Z, and that the easiest way to handle this is to lean on the hospital to fiddle their health checks.


When applying for the residence permit, documents as follows are required: Racism against the above-mentioned races and nationalities is a reality in China. Late arrival always disturbs the arrangement of the study schedule.

Full face, frontal with a plain white or off-white background, 33mm wide x 48mm wj202 in size. Please use paper clip to attach the photo face-down avoid scratching to the form.

Hi, I have noticed that jw20 Chinese universities and schools are reluctant about sending a JW form to students still in their home countries. Those who hold X2 visas can stay in China from 30 to days. The number shows the period that you can stay in China. Hand written form is not acceptable. They won’t be acceptable for visas.

You must print a new form in case of any change or correction. Back to top Print page.

You may have to enter China on a tourist visa and convert it to a student visa upon arrival. Share this post Link to post Share on jq202 sites.

What is JW201 and JW202 Form

Click for additional requirement for Chinese descendants. In reality, people suffering from such diseases could not get a Chinese visa and some were even deported from China.

It is better for you to apply for an X visa for studying in China because only by holding an X visa will a hundred percent ensure you to get a residence permit from local government which allows you to stay in China legally. Do not staple or glue the photo.


How do I receive the result? | Study in China | CUCAS in China | Study in China | CUCAS

The Chinese managers then plotted with the lone hospital carrying out health examinations for visa purposes. This topic is about 3 years old. I assume that the ministry uw202 print blank forms and distribute them to registered schools. Here are the steps: Today’s China China’s higher education Living in China. FAQs Study in China. Posted September 15, Sign in Already have an account? You will also need the origin document of physical examination record to apply for a residence permit after your arrival in China.

The person I’am talking about was an African working for a local Sino-American company. I have noticed that most Chinese universities and schools are reluctant about sending a JW form to students still in their home countries. The JW or JW should have an official stamped on it.

As for the medical test, I for one once and found it a bit of a joke, it wasn’t really thorough and some didn’t even do wj202 tests and just gave me a stamp. How to Get A Student Visa? Receive a weekly newsletter packed with useful tips and updates to prepare you for studying abroad.

He was asked to come jw022 China on an F visa and the company promised to convert it into a Z visa in China.