May 20, In gentle rebuke to those who never saw the good side of a city, urbanist and commentator Kotkin (The New Geography, , etc.) looks at the. If humankind can be said to have a single greatest creation, it would be those places that represent the most eloquent expression of our species’s. The City has ratings and 49 reviews. Fredösphere said: This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. My interest is in civic design–what works.

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Joel Kotkin |

Por supuesto que el libro relata la historia y no se detiene en las causas profundas de cada una de las ciudades trabajadas pero hay numerosas notas y referencias para el lector que quiera profundizar en el Un libro ambicioso que cubre la historia de la Ciudad y el asentamiento urbano.

Sort by Relevance Date. He lives in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. I think the book could have been so much more enriching with a more thorough discussion of the ghe. In this authoritative and engagingly written account, the acclaimed urbanist and bestselling author examines the evolution of urban life over the millennia and, in doing so, attempts to If humankind can be said to have a single greatest creation, it would be those places that represent the most eloquent expression of our species’s ingenuity, beliefs, and ideals: A Global Historyis big on solid infrastructure, good schools kohkin a vibrant middle class.

Pretty good, but not about cities in the way you’d imagine. It is also why I enjoyed it – In some ways I think kotkn compartmentalized chapters are a courteous gesture in that they inform the reader about what she might look for if the topic of cities inspires further inquiry, without harping.

Looking at cities in the twenty-first century, Kotkin discusses the effects of developments such as shifting demographics and emerging technologies.

He also has worked in smaller communities, including a report – working with Praxis Strategy Group – on the rise of the Great Plains for Texas Tech University. Kotkin’s books include The Next Hundred Million: Dec 18, Pages Buy.


Americans, meanwhile, moved to the western frontiers, quickly populating new cities, such as Cincinnati, St Louis, Detroit, but especially Chicago. He writes a monthly column in The New York Ckty and has written four previous books.

Intro and conclusions more interesting. The topic proves too massive for the page pamphlet.

The City: A Global History

Sacredness — people feel connected to a larger whole, be it religious, ideological, or even geographical I want to ckty a couple things which don’t appear prerequisite to a city’s dominance, but which appears to crop up frequently in the longer lasting ones: Japanese and Korean editions are also available. Open Preview See a Problem?

Jan 18, Zoe Elizabeth rated it it was ok. As mentioned by Kotkin, the primary purpose of this book is to attract people In only pages, the book covers a very broad temporal and geographical scale: Find out more about this and all of Joel’s books.

When I got to the end, I wished it had been longer. Cty knows that security and commerce are important for cities and their growth, but he talked about places having a shared moral vision and that it was this powerful idea that holds cities together. The author has a bit of a grudge against early Christians for being hostile to earthly cities because of their loyalty to heavenly cities, but such an antichristian bias is lamentably common, as is the fact that the author is deeply critical of both the tendencies towards suburbanization that are present around the world and the te at cities to attract hipster residents without seeking to appeal to those with familial and commercial loyalties to a given city as opposed to merely a cultural one [1].

Instead of looking at the nitty gritty of cities, Kotkin instead takes a historical overview, looking at the macro factors that have caused cities to arise, led to their flourishing, and occasionally to their decline or fall. A native New Yorker, he has lived in California since Also in Modern Library Chronicles.

Modern Library Chronicles 1 – 10 of 34 books. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Joel Kotkin

You can read The City in an afternoon, but if you are interested in cities, and the great debate about how to ensure their success, you will turn to it for reference again and again. Bob Lanier Mayor of Houston, It is very short, so don’t expect lots of facts or details. The other pages are just descriptions of cities.


It is a universal aspiration to own your own home. He is also a distinguished presidential fellow in urban futures at Chapman University in Orange, California, a senior visiting fellow at the Civil Service College in Singapore, and a fellow at the National Chamber Foundation.

Joel Kotkin | City Journal

Today’s cities face many problems, and they can only thrive if they remain kotki, safe and busy. What makes a city great? Apr 14, Choong Chiat rated it liked it. Trivia About The City: Kotkin has published reports on topics ranging from the future of class in global cities to the rise of growth corridors in the US economy.

Cities concentrate not just people but also energy, talent, and wealth. Un libro ambicioso que cubre la historia de la Ciudad y el asentamiento urbano.

Hais War on the Noel Otherwise the Dutch might have fought a little harder to hold on to New York, soon to become a city of world importance. Kotkin has completed studies focusing on several major cities, including a worldwide Legatum study focusing on the future of London, Mumbai and Mexico City; as well as other studies of New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston and St.

It’s a very short book overall, but one motkin the Modern Library Chronicles which are always laid out gorgeously. Given that the author is quick to praise the city-building of such diverse peoples as the pagan Phoenecians, medieval Muslims, and contemporary Chinese, and also quick to point out that for cities to endure there needs to be security, a thriving commercial life that allows for a good standard of living for citizens, as well as sacred space that provides a sense of belonging and rootedness.

A Global History to be a virtual encyclopedia of cities, packaged neatly in a compact book.