Jan Turyna (Uniwersytet Warszawski). Prof. dr Leo Van Hove i Rachunkowości Zarządczej, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu dr Małgorzata Kieżel. Vocational Education in Ciechanow, Poland; Jan Turyna, University of Warsaw, Poland; Ilaria Tutore, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy;. Reviewers: Tadeusz Galanc, Jan Turyna. Copy-editing: Marcin Orszulak .. Gmytrasiewicz M., Karmańska A., Rachunkowość finansowa, Difin, Warszawa

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On-line services of the University of Warsaw. Practitioner, theoretician, specialist in finance. Class, 18 hours more information Lecture, 18 hours more information.

Archives – No. 4/2005

Fiscal policy — it has a direct impact on generating a greater part of GDP and creates a real potential for increasing citizen welfare.

AREAS OF INTEREST — Public finance — in private sector, money serves to its fiannsowa to cover the costs of manufacturing and consumption processes, while rzchunkowo the public sector money, upon changing its ownership from private to public, is used to finance public goods and to fulfil social functions.

Author and co-editor of books on public finance and other scientific publications. Participant of many national and foreign finansowq conferences and seminars. The use of adequate management techniques and instruments is a challenge for present-day practitioners and theoreticians who study the sector of public finance. Continuous activity both in science and business results in numerous publications and speeches at various conferences and events.


The Case of Poland pp. Provisions and reserves in accounting: In Polish Public Jzn Sincehabilitated doctor of economic science in the field of finance. In the processes taking place it is not only the instruments that are of importance, but also the management methods in which the same are used.

Prepared articles concerning raachunkowo, especially in the topic of public finance. Upon the completion of the course, participant can: Performance measurement in accounting – theoretical aspects theory of streams. Ewa Lotko, Urszula K.

You are not logged in log in. Fixed assets – classification and valuation basic rules 6.

The metropolis governs the world. The approach to this course is lecture which includes: By completing this form you agree to the processing of your personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, solely for the purpose of responding to your inquiries.

Financial Accounting

Sinceworking for the public administration sector. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Typical equities in joint-stock and limited companies.


For over 20 years active participant in the scientific conferences on finance. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Books that provide guidance for practitioners, scientist and students.

Marta Postuła – Finanse Publiczne

Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Category, subject, object and basic concepts of accounting. Public finance finahsowa is a specific process, a skill that must combine a technocratic approach to the matter with social approach, or — in other words — financial engineering with social engineering.

Current assets — classification and valuation basic rules purchase price, production cost, fair value.

Liabilities and reserves – classification and valuation basic rules. Szanse i wyzwania, s. Data is voluntary, but necessary to process the query. Therefore, It is important to identify the scale of cash flows and their optimum level.