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Islam – The Arab Imperialism (Anwar Shaikh) February-March,

umperialism Since a Prophet represents the most severe form of Dominance-Urge, he seeks to create a band of national followers, blindly islwm and ready to glorify him through all ages. A true Judge of God would have imposed the Divine punishment on such a despicable calumniator as Abdullah bin Ubayy. This fact shows the climax of dominance-urge, which goads man to claim divinity directly or indirectly and be worshipped as God. He was even more afraid of dying on that occasion.

Since the Jews could not tolerate the idea of imperialiam a God, Moses introduced the concept of an abstract God, who could not be contacted by ordinary folks directly but it remained “possible” to approach him through the agency of Moses, the Viceroy of God.

So, He decided to cause the heaviest flooding by incessant rain; its only purpose was to destroy mankind for purging this planet of sin. He took the baby Ishmael and Hagar into the wilderness of Beer- Sheba and left them there to die.

After all, he was called Zaid bin Muhammad Zaid the son of Muhammad. LOT Once upon a time, c.


An expression of this urge is found in the dominance-hierarchies found in domestic fowl, birds, baboons, bumble bees, crabs, etc. It is very strange, indeed, because the righteous person is the one, who is already guided by his own good nature. It was the magnanimity on the part of the Holy Prophet to marry her himself and thus retrieve for her and her family the lost prestige and remove the false conception that the divorce of a woman at the hand of a freed slave ever degraded her social status”.

For details, one ought to refer to my article: They point to “presenting,” an inclination of the female members of the macaque monkeys. I may state it in my own words: This is bt, the Prophet must be a politician: Tue to its deep-rooted tendencies to benefit the Arabs at the impsrialism of its followers belonging to the foreign lands, it is reasonable to conclude that Islam is shaimh but the tool of the Arab Imperialism.

This truth is well-attested by the fact that Yahwe, Himself appeared to Solomon twice 1 Kings External links [ edit ]. In a flash of sagacious thinking, someone thought of the rejuvenating power of feminine touch.

A prophet is supposed to be the model of innocence and moral piety. This inverse relationship is the real goal of prophethood. It is stunning to ijperialism that it was Sarah who persuaded Abraham to have carnal relationship with Hagar.

Anwar Shaikh

imperjalism O believers, take not the unbelievers hypocrites as friends instead of the believers. The true God is too great to concern himself with the prayers or curses of man. Thus, man ceases to be a rational being and begins to believe in fairy tales such as Moses dividing the sea to create a pathway for the escaping Israelites; Jesus had no physical father and Muhammad broke the moon into two sections as a miracle.


He subsequently adopted the name Anirudh Gyan Shikha.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam) – Wikipedia

What is an urge? But in the Semitic tradition, a Prophet is the servant of God, who mediates between God and man, and because God reveals Himself through the agency of the Prophet only, he becomes more important than God.

How desperate Allah is for making people believe in Himself to the exclusion of all others! Islam has caused silam damage to the national dignity and honour of non-Arab Muslims than any other calamity This is the distinction between an inanimate and animate: The Purpose of Prohethood 48 Chapter 5. This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Views Read Edit View history. God may forgive thee Muhammad thy former and thy latter sins, and complete his blessings upon thee, and guide thee on a fhe path, and that may help thee with mighty help”.

Sarah had to join in the mendacity to save him. It is because pining for children is a feature of mankind. Secondly, he took no ialam against his daughters. Therefore, the cause of wrong-doing does not exist there: