InterBase ToGo has no install. You simply need to copy files. Which version of InterBase IBToGo are you using on your development machine ? XE7 or ? How did you register your IBLite and IBToGo Test Deployment. Buy InterBase Server 50 user license or above and get unlimited InterBase ToGo deployments through the end of ! InterBase ToGo is the premier.

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When you are ready to use your application with InterBase ToGo, all you need to do is copy your executable to the same directory as ibtogo.

intebase The location of the InterBase configuration file and other files such as interbase. Keep in mind that InterBase ToGo does not allow multiple applications to use the same database at the same time, so you cannot use IBConsole with your database while your application is using it at the same time.

Developer Tools

The InterBase ToGo edition is available on the following Windows platforms and can access any Itnerbase database created by InterBase desktop or server editions, versions and later. However, if you iterbase not want to use EUA, you must copy your admin.

If you do not want to use EUA copy your admin. This is on the same lines as the restrictions we have placed with performance monitoring, where only the server edition can access this feature.


The database file is compatible across all the editions of InterBase, so a VAR can upgrade a particular customer installation to the Desktop or Server edition with minimal changes to his application. Each application requires separate licensing. For more information on specifying a Temp Directory see: If you use this strategy for development you do not need to worry about paths. Mac OS X Platform. However, both can be used to access databases on remote machines as long as the remote machine has a Server Edition of InterBase running.

Also, if you use this strategy you will not need to worry whether any other installations of InterBase are on the same computer.

Software Licensing Services – Micromail

When deploying with the ToGo edition, you just need to make sure that libibtogo. This means InterBase does not access anything from the Windows Registry. Please enter an email address Sign Up Here. It is recommended that you use EUA which means that you will not need the admin. This also means that no other external client can access the database when it is being used connected to by the application using the embedded database engine.

Expert software licensing services at Micromail. In order to develop your application to work with ToGo edition, replace the InterBase client library referred to by the “libgds. This opens the Embarcadero Inyerbase License Manager dialog.

There is no need for registry changes because all needed settings are lnterbase by options in the InterBase configuration file. InterBase ToGo gets loaded using the Windows standard search order. InterBase ToGo is specially designed to support mobile applications that require constant and reliable access to local database content.


InterBase Desktop does not have this restriction. You can control the location of the interbase. Only one application is allowed to connect to the database; the application exclusively locks the database file. File Name Bit Bit Min. Your choice will depend on what your deployment goal is.

Check out our full A-Z list of vendors here. Used in this form, InterBase does not have to be installed on any itnerbase or end-user workstation. The interface to InterBase ToGo is via ibtogo. InterBase ToGo is the premier lightweight, ultra-fast, scalable, and embeddable SQL database—with commercial grade data security and robust change synchronization.

This library supports character sets and is only required if your application uses a database which has a specific character set specified. It does not have to be installed on any server or end-user workstation and it does not require that InterBase be toog on a machine before use like InterBase Server and Desktop. The primary benefits of InterBase ToGo are: