HTC ChaCha A, Ae, Cha Cha Size: MB Language: EN Rating: 10 / 10 (Vote: ). This is the official HTC ChaCha User Guide in English provided. manual online htc chacha user guide chacha cellhtc my touch 4g user manual camera driver? htc chacha ae user manual our system has returned the. Looking for the HTC ChaCha user manual? BASE has it on file for you. Click this link to view the manual in Adobe Reader (a new window will be opened).

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To change between views, pressand then choose the type of view that you want. Access your voice messages without going through your Manuql. General settings Set the font size when reading emails, enable, disable or set the signature, set the account as the default email account, and set where to save email attachments.

Push Messages Messages Push messages Push messages contain a web link. The original photo remains unedited. When you’re finished setting the alarm, tap Done.

USB connector Back panel 1. Performance cookies allow us to improve our website and to optimize and personalize your user experience.

Suer your account details. Calendar Changing Calendar views When you open Calendar, it displays the month view by default. Photos, videos, and music Watching a video While browsing an album, tap a video to play it.

We combine viewing behavior and other data we process from you when you are a BASE customer. About the Music widget You can use the Music widget to play music right chacja your Home screen. Browse for the application file on your computer, and then click Open. Index Multimedia message – editing Music – sharing – browsing the library Playing music from the Lock screen – copying music to storage card PUK PIN Unblock Key – listening – playing music from Lock screen uder playlist Radio – setting a song as ringtone Record your voice – sharing music using Bluetooth Ring volume Sending a meeting request using Calendar Exchange ActiveSync only If you have an Exchange ActiveSync account set up on HTC ChaCha, you can use Calendar to create a meeting appointment and send a meeting request email to the people you want to invite to your meeting.


Most HTC widgets are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your needs. Never miss an important date again.

Set up your device easily

Clearing the Call History list Arrow keys Press the Arrow keys for directional movement. Camera Auto focus photo Enables or disables centered auto focus.

The Facebook chat screen opens where current conversations with your Facebook friends are shown, along with friend groups. While entering text, if you tap any word on the suggestion list, it is automatically added to the predictive text dictionary if it was not in the dictionary already.

You can also access a convenient list of the sites you have visited, or quickly view the pages that you access most often. The cropped photo is saved as a copy. Invite a friend 1. Keyboard Keyboard About the keyboard Besides making it easy to make phone calls with the keypad, you can enter text, numbers, and symbols using the hardware keyboard.


Are you sure?

People Details Shows the information you have stored for the contact. You can only sync with Google calendars that you created or subscribed to on the Web.

To decrease potential damage to your hearing, do not hold HTC ChaCha against your ear when the speakerphone a81e0 on. You can still add these accounts.


Getting Help Maps and location 4. Tap a playlist to open it. You can find out how to do this by referring to your headset manual.

If the message is locked, tap Unlock message on the options menu, and then tap the message to display the options menu again. Phone Calls Phone calls Different ways of making calls Besides making calls from the phone dialer screen on HTC ChaCha, you can tap a number in a text message or email to call, or press a single number on the keypad to quickly call a contact. If you haven’t paired with the receiving device before, tap Scan for devices.