A RuneQuest 3 supplement about the Gods of Glorantha. It contained: A Theyalan Calendar The Prosopaedia. What The Priests Say The Cults Book. supplement Gods of Glorantha, published simultaneously. This book and its companion materials may not be repro- duced whole or in part by any means. Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CONTENTS: * PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of.

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Familiar nonhuman races, such as elves and dwarves, are distinct from their common, Tolkienesque portrayals.

The animal parent normally dies with the child eating its way out of the host at full gestation. Heroes make their way in the world, and may also venture into metaphysical realms to gain knowledge and power, at the risk of body and soul. Scorpionmen are belligerent folk, who look like a sort of scorpion-human centaur. There is already couple new PDF publications to support the rules set and the rules are close enough to RuneQuest second edition to be used with the older material.

Dwarves are literally made of stone and exist as manifest rigid inflexible laws of creation, while elves are intelligent, mobile plants. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Also Stafford was at this time publishing material about the history and mythology of Glorantha in non-game form as books such as King of Sartar and The Glorious Re Ascent of Yelm.

Cults of Terror focused on the worship of evil gods and adversaries, such as Vivamort, a vampire cult, and Lunar and Chaos cults.


Gods of Glorantha

Each religion offered a distinct worldview and cultural outlook, none of which are objectively correct. The game detailed the rise of the barbarian Prince Argrath to defend his homeland of Sartar against the red tide of the civilized Lunar Empire, and filled out the area of Dragon Pass ; the game has undergone several reissues since that time.

Broos are creatures of chaos. By using this site, you agree to the Gloranfha of Glorantba and Privacy Policy.

A draft of the RuneQuest 4 rules, called RuneQuest: Stafford began imagining Glorantha in as a way to deepen his own understanding of mythology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The “Prosopaedia” 20 pages contains a longer list of deities in thumbnail detail. This page does not exist.

Glorantha is as deep as you want it to be, or not. The RuneQuest game system was licensed to Mongoose Publishing by Issariesallowing Mongoose to publish material concerning the little-explored Ogds Age of Gloranthan history. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Add a copy to your collection. This section of the magazine is printed sideways, with the staple in the middle. I supported becauseā€¦ “You make life better They reside around rivers, mainly in Sartar, and have an unexplained mystical affinity with Death.

Inventors of iron, which has many extraordinary vods properties in Glorantha, contrasting to the primary metal used bronze.

As a result of their ability to mate with anything, they have the body of a glorrantha and features of their animal parent, often deer, goats, antelope, cattle, and sheep. Gateway to Adventure The world is flat, with a dome-like sky, and it has been shaped in large and glorwntha ways by the mythic actions of the gods. Supernatural animals are found, ranging from unicorns to seven types of merfolk and the Goddess of Lions.


Mostali are a machine-like dwarf race, extremely xenophobicorthodox and insular. Legends are being made by great individuals, many who are not even human beings.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Glorantha. Unlike many fantasy settings, Glorantha emphasises religion, myth and belief to a level rarely seen in role-playing or fantasy fiction elsewhere. Intended for players, the “What the Priests Say” booklet 20 pages gives the views of some major religions from across Glorantha as related by the appropriate religious figures.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

Retrieved from ” https: The main treatment of the religions of Glorantha for the third edition of the RuneQuest rules set, this boxed product contains four books or booklets. The “Gloranthan Calendar” 12 pages lays out gloratha days of the year with important holy days and sacred times noted for various deities.

Gods of Glorantha | Glorantha Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Humans are the dominant race, but other sentient beings abound. No Web Links Found. However, other long-term fans felt that the game fit Glorantha far better than RuneQuest.