About Genesys. Genesys is the world’s leading provider of customer service and contact center software—with more than 4, customers in 80 countries. The Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) provides a standards-based VoiceXML platform that provides enterprises and call centers with the latest support for b. Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) is a standards-based software platform that enables businesses to manage inbound and outbound customer interactions 24×7.

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Other features include the ability to leave postconnection messages such as voicemail. New in Release 8. Recording and playback using OPUS are currently not supported. Genezys 18, This release does not include any new feature.

Documentation/GVP – Genesys Documentation

Support for installing and configuring multiple instances of the same component with the Genesys Administrator Installation Wizard. This product contains software developed by the Apache Software Foundation http: Click here gensys view more Genesys videos!

Supports JRE Version 8. Retrieved from ” https: Use the option [mpc] mediamgr. Support for Windows Server Provides file integrity using checksum computation. The Gold Partner Genfsys provides a framework for Genesys partners to manage Genesys Voice Platform competency and quality and be recognized for technical expertise and a superior record of customer service.


See the Reporting Server Release Note. You can update the database with different carrier messages at any time, without stopping Media Control Platform.

Or, configure the gvp. Multi-site reporting for tenants and applications summary data only. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Complete information about Genesys proprietary intellectual property, including all trademarks, can be found here.

Genesys Licensing Guide Licensing section of the Genesys Migration Guide Information on supported hardware and third-party software is here: A memory growth issue discovered in Resource Manager 8.

Improved MRCP compatibility, supporting interoperability with additonal speech engines. Click on your product for details on included third-party software. This product includes software developed by DOM4J.

Genesys Voice Platform (GVP)

Backwards compatibility between GVP 8. Support for transferaudio during consultation transfer on GVPi. Nuance Speech Server 6. Support for the Reporting Server in a High Venesys configuration.


What’s New New in 8. Supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

Genesys Voice Platform – How is Genesys Voice Platform abbreviated?

Create a new user by using the Creating Users procedure. The following list describes specific third-party code and functionality for this product: This product includes software developed by The Apache Software Foundation http: It interoperates with MCP 8.

The following products include specific third-party code and functionality. Dual stack IPv6, IPv4.

Nuance Speech Server 5. Genesys Voice Platform 8. The participant-per-conference limitation has been removed.

The audio prompts are providedby GMVoices http: Genesys Voice Platform is part of 9. This genedys includes software developed by the Oren Ben-Kiki http: Nuance Speech Synthesis 5.

Please see the product manager. See the Reporting Server 9.