The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra Technics and Civilization by Lewis Mumford The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn The Technological. 1. Turning Point: A Science of Living Systems by Fritjof Capra, Ph.D. In the first three decades of the 20th century, atomic and subatomic physics led to a dramatic. Fritjof Capra encourages his readers, whenever possible, to order his books through Starts from the conceptual framework presented in The Turning Point, .

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Fix field “sort by title”. Now distinguished scientist Fritjof Capra gives us that vision, a holistic paradigm of science and spirit. While physicians will move out of the mindset that treatment of the body alone is their sole prerogative, psychiatrists and frigjof will also experience a paradigm mental shift whereby they would devote more attention to the human body.

I read this book in ’84 and now that neoliberalism, capitalism on hyper-drive, is speeding the planet into one huge unsustainable monoculture init’s more relevant than ever. It guides me into understanding what holistic vision is all about.

To ask other readers questions about The Turning Pointplease sign up. Aug 12, Justin rated caapra it was amazing. Peradaban akan segera berganti, sama seperti yin dan yang, yang mengalir, perubahan pun mengalir. I prefer books that do not provide “answers” but rather tuning understand and refine the questions. If anything is worse than garbage, it’s surely trite, boring garbage. Expands focus to show fritjpf the revolution in modern physics foreshadows a similar revolution in many other sciences and a corresponding transformation of world views and values in society.

Aug 04, Owlseyes rated it really liked it Shelves: The Ecology of Law The first book to present jurisprudence — the theory and philosophy of law — as an intellectual discipline with a history and conceptual structure that shows surprising parallels to those of natural science.


The effect of acruthless and focused reductionist approach, Capra argues, would only acpra in a world that is restless, impoverished, polluted and disillusioned. A collection, co-edited with Gunter Pauli, of essays by business executives, economists, ecologists, and others who outline practical approaches to meeting the challenge of ecological sustainability.

Wonderful book – much food for thought. Looking for More Great Reads? So the trio walks and talks now. Capra then follows these critiques with answers for each field through a systems view of life that incorporates feedbacks and recognition of evolution through cooperation. Simply pointing out that quantum physics contains capda in our world appear to be paradoxes does not constitute disproof of everything we ever thought. Though published in the mid’s Dr.

There is movement, but it is not brought about by force His approach is typically holistic versus the Cartesian view.

The Turning Point (book) – Wikipedia

May 20, Sandyssandersatt. Jon Turney – – Yale University Press. Peradaban ini akan segera musnah, dan tanda tanda kehancurannya tampak pada krisis krisis tersebut.

This article about a book on economics or finance is a stub. I would say the Messenger has been chosen on purpose to be a woman, in cpra case, the actress Liv Ullmann.

En el Momento actual vivimos una triple amenaza 1. Extends the framework of systems and complexity theory to the social domain and uses thus framework to discuss some of the critical issues of our time — poinnt management of human organizations, the challenges and dangers of economic globalization, the scientific and ethical problems of biotechnology, and the design of ecologically sustainable communities and technologies.


Its central thesis is that Leonardo’s science is a science of living forms, of qualities, which can be seen as a distant forerunner of today’s complexity and systems theories.

This responsibility has become an important issue in many of today’s sciences, but especially so in physics, in which the results of quantum mechanics and relativity theory have opened up two very different paths for physicists to pursue. This symbiotic approach can be seamlessly adopted to fritjog social as well as turnlng sciences such as Economics, Physics, Medicine and other mercantile activities.

Leonardo’s science is thus highly relevant to our time. Green Politics Analyzes the rise of the Green Party in Germany and similar ecology-oriented political parties in other European countries. Challenges much of conventional wisdom by demonstrating striking parallels between ancient mystical traditions and the discoveries of 20th century capraa.

Basically, he has predicted that post-modernism would creep into all branches of studies, natural sciences included.

The Turning Point

Understanding Science in the Twenty-First Century. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Its Relevance to Culture and Religion. A photo essay, entitled The Soul of Indiaabout daily life in the villages and cities of Tamil Nadu in southern India. His “ideas” are an inch deep and, I suspect, for effect — mostly just the opposite of our culturally received wisdom, so that by showing us that east is always better than west, female is always better than male, new i If anything is worse than garbage, it’s surely trite, boring garbage.