Fighting with the Quarterstaff By David Lindholm Chivalry Bookshelf ISBN: pp. “This book is a result of an interest that I have had for a. The short staff [ie. quarterstaff] or half pike, forest bill, partisan, or glaive, For the purposes of combat these weapons were interchangeable. Medieval Weapons; Quarterstaff; Quarterstaff Weapon Definition; Quarterstaff Weapon Fighting Techniques. QuarterStaff Weapon Images, History, Facts.

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Preview — Fighting with the Quarterstaff by David Lindholm. Stone rated it really liked it May 09, Peeke went further than Silver: But note that if you’re using a spear, and the opponent moves in very close, you use the spear like a staff – you swing quarrerstaff hit, using both ends.

Ordinarily, it was effective in striking, jabbing and bludgeoning.

Here is an account fromwhich is somewhat more readable. For the computer game, see Quarterstaff: Lafayette C Curtis Location: Quarterstaff Weapon Summary The Quarterstaff evolved out of the medieval tradition of stick-fighting.

Jim Sanderson rated it really liked it Jan 01, He includes a depiction of this length in Paradoxes. This is a standard topic. He’s a fun source since he almost reads like a modern witb internet commentator right down to the “Here is my ranking for the top 10 weapons ever, you won’t believe what isn’t number 1! Trampas Jones marked it as to-read Jul 31, In the next section, he states that the lengths of “the battle axe, halberd, or black bill, or such like weapons of weight Or what about dueling with short, close range spears?


Fighting with the Quarterstaff: A Modern Study of Renaissance Technique

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For the purposes of combat these weapons were interchangeable, so soldiers in warfare would generally be using staves with metal heads that made them into bills, glaives, and so on. Graham Krak marked it as to-read Apr 04, Apply for Flair Upvote informative, well sourced answers Downvote and Report comments that are unhelpful or grossly off-topic The Rules, in Brief 1.

Jake Uden rated it liked it Nov 25, The quarterstaff is also mentioned in England’s legend of Robin Hood. What was a Quarterstaff Weapon made from?

Want to add to the discussion? Alice Gabrielsen marked it as to-read Jun 10, Thu 10 Mar, 4: Image of a medieval QuarterStaff Weapon. It is my opinion that this is in part a reflection of easily accessible material to work with; there is a lot on the sword today and very little on other weapons.

However is actual explanations tend to be pretty vague and hard to understand, and given his clear biases, there fghting necessarily a guarantee that quadterstaff actually knows what he’s talking about. To nominate someone else as a Quality Contributor, message the mods.


Not to mention the possibility of letting go fightig one hand for a single-handed thrust or blow that maximises reach at the price of leaving the attacker vulnerable due to the slow recovery — it’s done rarely in some styles, very often in others, and completely anathema to yet others. He doesn’t seem to be completely alone on his rapier opinion though, at least as a battlefield weapon.


Retrieved from ” https: I know that this is primarily for arms and armor, but I think this forum would be great for advice on fighting styles and techniques, so I hope you do not mind. The reson being that many consider Meyer’s system of fencing as being something useful only quarterdtaff displays at fechtschules and for other non-lethal fencing one of the main reasons being that Meyer states in his longsword section that “thrusting quartesrtaff abolished amongst us Germans” but happily teaches thrusting as a means to start attacks with the longsword, and he has no problem teaching the thrust as core to the dusack, rappier, and polearms.

The Tomb of Setmoth. Then there’s propping the point against the ground for some blocks, or much more rarely as a vaulting pole for flying kicks. To ask other readers questions about Fighting with the Quarterstaffplease sign up.

Fighting with the Quarterstaff By David Lindholm

A thing to keep in mind is a staff really is a weapon secondarily to th a walking stick. Display posts from previous: This led to numerous innovations in the design of the quarterstaff which was now increasingly made of bamboo.

Those back-up swords quickly evolved to be very long and thin, and the authors referenced thought that a shorter, stronger sword would be better.