– site about jetbooks ™ – ebook readers from Ectaco, Inc. Here you 2 Years standby; SD card slot: Expandable up to 2 GB; Font Size: 16pt – 32pt. Ectaco has quietly released its second generation Jetbook Color e-Reader today and the most exciting aspect about it is that it is using e-Ink. When Ectaco announced last Fall that they were releasing a new Jetbook Color 2 ereader this Spring, I was excited to read that it would have a.

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Ectaco told us that the USB port has some known bugs that they are working to correct, but that the microSD slot offered better access. If they were then why would anyone ever buy an e-ink reader? The back is covered in a faux-leather textured blue plastic with a JetBook logo in the middle. Sadly, my Jetbook Color 2 arrived yesterday and the new screen for the most part is not visibly different sctaco the screen on the original Jetbook Color.

It is adorned only by a silver JetBook logo above the screen. The red, green, blue, and white squares represents the filter, and the bubbles beneath the squares represent the E-ink screen.

Paul Taylor 27 August, Ectqco, the company claims you can load your own. Inside of a book, we found six font sizes to choose from, but no alternative fonts. The specialized LCD screen lets you read for hours on end with no eye fatigue or lag in page turn like eInk.


And finally, I have seen the Pocketbook Lux. My Library features a selection of preloaded educational materials, including a full selection of AMSCO publisher text books. Marco Baiocco 15 July, Pixel Qi devices are even more expensive.

Ectaco Jetbook Color Review

To select the color of your choice, please click coloe the one you want. All orders are delivered by a courier service in business days. Along the top of the top of the screen are your basic time, date, battery meter and Wi-Fi indicator. Time will if they can be overcome or not.

8 best JetBook Color 2 ECTACO images on Pinterest | 2 colours, Color 2 and Class books

In there was virtually no market for ereaders, so launching a model with an E-ink screen was a big gamble for Sony and Amazon, a year later. The evtaco difference between the ordinary jetBook and the jetBook LITE is the fact that the accumulators are replaced by usual AA batteries which does not only make it possible to reduce the price, but to also economize energy used by the screen.

The home screen features eight options: Take a look at Pocketbook Lux. The First-ever Language Metbook Crossword Puzzle Apps for Android Meet the first-ever multilingual Ectaco Crosswords for Android – a perfect tool which combines the fun and entertaining process of solving puzzles with language learning on your Android phone. This model is available in the following colors: Now xolor one step further you can translate that text in another language, look up a meaning or even hear it spoken to you!


Whether you’re multilingual, trying to learn a foreign language, or just want to travel Europe, America and Asia, you will face no difficulty switching easily between languages available in this application. I dont have a jetbook personally, merely because it just always seemed too expensive for what it delivers. Hey Nate, Thank you for the comparison pictures, I just want to say that your Blog is really awesome!

Nate Hoffelder 14 May, The stylus registers as a magnetic flux on the panel, thus transmitting your intended marks. I think you were really having unrealistic hopes.

Will Entrekin 16 March, There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. Images, likewise, appeared worse than we’d expect to see on a smaller e-reader. Click here to learn about devices featuring multiple languages Specifications:.

It is as gray as the screen on the Jetbook 2. Now you can read not 20, as it used to be, but 23 hours nonstop without a recharge. Is there no way that they can make the little black beads of ink in actual red, green, blue varieties as well as black? The black also available in white plastic face of the JetBook Color felt grainy, but didn’t pick up any fingerprints.