Read Donnie Brasco Movie Script. Created from srt subtitles. This is Donnie, a friend of mine. – How you doing? The good news is my *** is now a popsicle. – Hi, Sonny. – Sonny, how you doing? Sonny Red. – Who’s this guy. The young man is Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp); the older fella, Lefty Ruggiero ( Al Pacino). And though they don’t exactly start off on the right foot, what begins.

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That’s bgasco the club got busted. How do these cops know so much? SONNY Cont’d A 70 year old brain can’t compare with guys like us, because where he’s got like 20 more years experience.

Thank you very much.

Donnie Brasco (1997) – full transcript

I’ll never say you’re a rat. Sonny’s ready to start.

I checked in with Annette and she said something What do you think I’m doing in Florida? In all the five boroughs, I’m known.

He and Lefty shake hands. I don’t know how the fuck you knew that ring was a fugazy. She may lose an eye.


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That’s for the drinks, pal. The guy by the bar with the mustache. Sonny heads inside with Nicky and Boobie. Rem ember that day when we were freezing our nuts off, watching all of them going to sit down with the brasvo You think I said something to Sonny?

I listen to those tapes and that is not the speech of an FBI agent. Looks up and down.

It’s the only thing I liked about this thing of yours. Even when he’s wrong, he’s right. They all look at each other. If I said instead, “This is a friend of ours,” that would mean you’re a made guy. You think gestures they have fucking procedures? I gotta reach out–in a month I’ll come back and sit down with the man.

Donnie Brasco () | Script Slug

Anyway, you counted it! Because otherwise you get everything upside down. I ain’t siding up to Sonny Black. I’m gonna stay in the stern. He’ll never know what hit him. I don’t get this boat for Lefty. Now he’s back, in there. Why is it always the guy who drives a car for a living is the worst fucking driver there is?

I am spending my life to put away the guys that sccript money off this shit, and I’m damned to hell if I ‘ m gonna have it in my house. New York with the politics, all the old beefs and the grudges.


Donnie Brasco (1997) Movie Script

You think I don’t know that, ya know? I don’t know what to say. Get out of here. I think I do. Come on in here. dobnie

Boobie drinks, takes a beat. Put a beaner inside here, then he beasco these are men of men. Look, Left, I said I knew him. Put stuff away for once. So keep your nose clean Will you freeze up? Lefty’s chases after the suitcase It’s none of your business. I’m getting fucking cancer over here. Santo, this is Donnie. I got a wife who does that, you dojnie what I mean? He finds out you’re down in Florida Put the phone on your pillow. Sonny Black belongs in Brooklyn. I think I shit my pants.

Donnie tries to peek at what he’s writing.