Counterinsurgency warfare: theory and practice / David Galula; Foreword by John A. David Galula drank as deeply of this bitter draught as did his contempo -. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice By David Galula Summary written by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research Consortium Citation: Galula, . operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book, Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and. Practice, Galula sets a clear mark for planning future COIN.

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The Orthodox Pattern Communist. Another interesting topic discussed was the relative ease that insurgencies can develop and surprise any population once they become fully active. Unfortunately, an insurgent’s cause is often impossible for a state to adopt, without relinquishing its power. There he continued his warm relationship with Jacques Guillermazan officer from an old French military family with whom he had served in France. Galula cites Mao Zedong ‘s observation that “[R]evolutionary war is 80 percent political action and only 20 percent military”, and proposes four “laws” for counterinsurgency: Galula, based on his experiences in the French Army during the end of colonialism, put his experiences to paper in this initial work on the theory of counterinsurgency.

Recently the same theories have been revived by the US Department of Defense, tempered by our experiences in Afghanistan and post-war Iraq, and incorporated into Field Manual”Counterinsurgency. Aug 23, Jared rated it it was amazing.

gqlula Further, the counterinsurgency must learn and adapt as it goes along. This is a great book for anyone interested in the topic. Each author strived to abstract his experience in order to transform the conventional military and the political establishment and to meet the demands of counterinsurgency warfare and to achieve victory.

It took a lot practics effort than I was expecting but my biggest frustration is yalula this book was written in and our military is still learning the lessons in here the hard way. Aug 14, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: Vulnerability of the Insurgent in the Orthodox Pattern.


In some ways, this aids a counterinsurgency because the “moral fog” surrounding the insurgents dissipates and the counterinsurgency is free to act more decisively. Greenwood Publishing Group- History – pages. This review of mine is qualified on the basis that I galila never served in the armed forces in any capacity, much less participated as a civilian in a counterinsurgency campaign, or even experienced one beforehand.

Reading it, so much of what Galula talks about seems so obvious now, but that only stands as evidence of how seminal a book it is in the field. He gave a series of conferences abroad and attended the Armed Forces Staff College.

Galula examines larger strategic issues, and describes both military and political actions that are necessary for a successful counterinsurgency campaign. To see what your friends thought of counterinsurgeency book, please sign up.

Win over or suppress the last insurgent remnants.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice – David Galula – Google Books

In Aprilhe was captured by Chinese Communists during a solo trip into the interior. Lieutenant Colonel Galula’s reputation, which I had I’m actually quite surprised- because I have long since learned that anything trendy usually sucks, I was not expecting much from this book. The population must sympathize with counter insurgent’s cause and voluntarily provide information that will defeat the insurgency. It is a protracted struggle conducted methodically in order to attain intermediary goals with an eventual aim of overthrowing the existing power structure.

One of the authentic and detailed exposition on the nature and cause of insurgency. Why I finished it: A free and open online seminar that takes a complexity-oriented approach to frontier-of-the-field issues related to intractable conflict. While some parts of the book are obviously dated, the core of the theory is still applicable today, and can be witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as several nations in Africa. One of Galula’s laws is, “In any situation, whatever the cause, there will be an active minority for the cause, a neutral majority, and an active minority against the cause”.

If there is one thing to learn from the author it is that military might alone cannot defeat an insurgency and that ultimately it is the support of the population that will win the conflict. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I found Colonel Galula’s book even more relevant now, than after my first read. Theory and Practice Westport, Connecticut: With no positive policy but with good propaganda, the insurgent may still win.

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This book is still in force despite having been written in the 60s, since the principles observed by the author have not changed much over the years. The fourth and final law of counterinsurgency regards the “intensity of effort and vastness of means. There is also much in it to make me think how massive a political failure the Iraq war I have been doing some studying up on warfare and counterinsurgency warfare in particular, and this is one the most basic and essential texts on the subject.

Detach for davud area sufficient troops to oppose an insurgent’s comeback in strength, install these troops in the hamlets, villages, and towns where the population lives. Group and educate the leaders in a national political movement. But only for as long as he cannot be replaced, for it is better to entrust civilian tasks to civilians.

Galula resigned his commission in to study in the United Stateswhere he obtained a position of research associate at the Center for International Affairs of Harvard University. Why I started this book: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice”

Check out our Quick Start Guide. I plan to send a copy of this book to my friend in Afghanistan and maybe it will do some good.

Rather, action should be taken in select areas, and resources moved as needed. Describes the clear-hold-build strategy theoy applied successfully in Iraq though not by that exact name.