An archive of the works by and on Chattampi Swamikal. Chattambi Swami’s religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he was. ABSTRACT. Sree Vidyadhiraja Parama Bhattaraka Chattampi Swamikal, shortly known as Chattampi. Swamikal was a Hindu sage and social reformer.

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Kunjan Pillai transformed himself into Vidhyadhiraja and he was acclaimed as the Supreme Rishi of Kerala. Samadhi Smarakam at Panmana Ashram. He ignored all distinctions of caste. His poems and writings are the offspring of neces- sity and external compulsion.

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Chattampi Swamikal throughout his intellectually and spiritually enriched life maintained a large number of friends from different regions of Kerala. He detested the killing of animals and the eating of meat.

Frogs, ants and chattaampi used to gather round him. He 15 accepted the invitation — on condition that W should be allowed to bring with him some of his- disciples.

Chattampi Swamikal – Wikipedia

Swaikal crowd yelled in terror at the pro- spect of the Swamiji being torn to pieces. His gifted mind found no rest till his proficiency in yoga measured up 4o ostensible results. Is it all true? It was in such a period that this stalwart seeker trudged many many miles in search of knowledge, and when he got it, he wandered again as the inspirer of people.

The young man was equally impressed by the Swamiji and he longed to win the honour of becoming his disciple.


His disciples Theerthapa ParamahammsaSwamigal and Padmanabha Panicker remained beside Swamigal, solicitously attending on him. The Theertha order is the first in the Dasanami sannyasa order established by Adi Sankara. On return, he obtained expert training in the art of yoga from Admananda Swamikal.

Gradually all the infirmities of old age began to attack him. The book also reveals that Nairs were the early inhabitants and rulers of Kerala and they excelled themselves in warfare, physical strengthy, weaponry and cleanliness. But Menon insisted on doing it both ways. It is not a beauty-worshipping man of letters that we see in his works but a seeker after truth, a revolutionary and sweet singer. Among the poets who paid their tributes were Vallathol and Ullur.

Govinda Pillai was stricken with terror. He detested the killing of animals and the eating of meat.

The Journey of a Master: For many days he served as a labourer carrying building materials for the construction of Government Secretariat building in Trivandrum.

He would enthral his chaytampi by the way in which he rendered songs in the Telugu, Carnatic and Desya swajikal. In spite of the narrow and restrictive conventions that existed in his times, he mastered many branches of art and learning. The 21 page summing up of the essence of Christianity has received the unani- mous chattmpi of Christian priests. Although endowed with an inborn literary taste, he did hardly any- thing to promote or develop it.

About this time happened an incident that deeply grieved him who was above grief and joy. Thus he continued his journey without difficulty.

The room was locked 47 from inside. Desikar introduced him to the great Tamil Scholar Subba Jatapathi who had come to Trivandrum to participate in a sadas chattampii of eminent scholars. Payappallil Karunakaran Pillai says: Hrdaya Kumari says that Pracheena Malayalam is not only a good example of Swamikal’s logical arguments but is the earliest example of application of hypothesis and fixed methodology for historical studies.


He was ready to write only when he could not help it. He would not eat food cooked in a kitchen which prepared non-vegetarian dishes.

Swami Vimalananda iii Message: He was of the view that what was wanted was a temple entry Satyagraha. But after him the caste system and the resultant untouchability wrought havoc among the Hindus. He informed Kummbalam of his wish.

Indian system of philosophy, Elakkanam: He thought Ezhumattur a most beautiful and dhattampi site for the location of the ashram. Wherever he was, he would share his food with ants, dogs or cats, and they would somehow gather round him at meal- time. Swamiji had entered eternal rest.

Full text of “Chattampi Swamikal Biography English- K.P.K. Menon”

To save their lives they climbed up a swamial tree and remained there trembling and helplessly watching what was happening. He admonished them not to repeat the mistake and sent them away happy.

He was invited one day to dine at the house of an officer.