Online Account Access. Online Account Access. CDSC has. To use the CDSC Depository services, the investor opens a Securities. 4, Sage Registrars. 5, Co-operative Bank of Kenya. 6, Livingstone Registrars .

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The main objective was to organise and effect exports from and imports into Kenya. CDSC mails these statements of accounts directly to securities account holders at the addresses recorded in the CDS system.

These statements take the place of share certificates. Health Benefits of Honey 4.

It was established through an Act of Parliament Naturally, the costs associated with the replacement of such documents are also eliminated under CDSC. Health Benefits of Lemon 7.

Features Receive instant alerts on your mobile phone whenever a transaction occurs in your account e. You can do this by contacting your Central Depository Agent Broker or Custodian who will facilitate the process of updating your account details. Instant alerts on any activity in your CDS account.

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Contact Us – The Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited (CDSC)

Health Benefits of Ginger 5. The central depository cxsc provides a centralized system for the transfer and registration of securities in electronic format without the necessity of physical certificates.


Purchase, sale, shares transfer, deposit, pledges etc Check your shares portfolio balance anytime. Health Benefits of Bananas 3.

Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Easy and simple registration from your mobile phone. The SMS service allows you to access kenha CDS account and keep track of your shares on your mobile cdwc anywhere and at any time.

Health Benefits of Apples 2. For more information about Marubeni Corporation see the contacts below For more information about Metropol Corporation Ltd see the contacts below To enjoy this service, simply ensure that we have your correct and up to date kkenya address. For more information about Itochu Corporation see the contacts below You are now able to receive your statements at the comfort of your desk or from wherever you are.

We also specialize in the supply of specific commodities including tyres, packed and bulk lubricants and specific chemicals Health Benefits of Garlic 6. It commenced its operations as a central depository ,enya 10th November Investors receive regular statements detailing their electronic holdings and, as these statements are not negotiable instruments, investors need not fear eknya loss or duplication of such statements. For more information about Sumitomo Corporation see the contacts below This is in direct contrast to the paper settlement environment where risks of lost forged or stolen documents abound.


By registering to the service, you will always be aware of your current shares portfolio and of any transactions in your account.

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Health Benefits of Watermelons. KNTC could do business with countries where trading was controlled by the Government on an equal Benefits Secure acccess to your CDS account from anywhere and at anytime.

The business of the Company is to establish and operate a central depository system and provide central clearing, settlement and depository services for securities initially in Kenya in respect to securities listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Receive a mini-statement from your CDS account, showing your last few transactions.

For more information about Mitsubishi Corporation the contacts below For more information about Safina Settlement Company Limited see the contacts below Health Benefits of Pumpkin 8.