In group A, catgut embedding will be applied to six acupuncture points on the abdomen including Qihai (Ren-6), Shuifen (REN-9), bilateral. Embedding is a method of acupuncture in which catgut is embedded in acupuncture points instead of needles. The current case report. 1School of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina and Rehabilitation, Acupoint catgut embedding (ACE) was applied widely to antiweight in.

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The dysfunction of spleen and stomach is the essential reason. The articles were filtrated as shown in Figure 1. The efficacy of electroacupuncture therapy for weight loss changes plasma lipoprotein A, apolipoprotein A and apolipoprotein B acupumcture in obese women.

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Catgut Embedding method in acupuncture

Among these studies, only 3 trials [ 62 — 64 ] reported the side effects in the comparison between ACE and drugs. Our initial search identified probable articles from the databases, of which were reserved with excluded for duplication.

The research was conducted in accordance with the last update of Helsinki declaration. The operative treatment of obesity was intended for obese adult with serious complication specifically caused by the excess of adipose cell like metabolic syndrome, and the surgical sites were mostly restricted at stomach, duodenum, pancreas, and gallbladder to decrease or constrain the function of digestive system [ 21 ].

Influence of acupuncture on leptin, ghrelin, insulin and cholecystokinin in obese women: CGH provided assistance in design of the study, data processing and manuscript preparation.

My business cards from Sydney Newsom arrived just acpuuncture time… they are stunning! The decision of risk was made by two reviewers. Finally, sham acupuncture involved the use of stainless-steel needles covered with a plastic film and a cap to avoid needle insertion, as previously described by Takakura and Yajima.


Body weight range was The pooled data of improvement rate displayed that ACE was more effective than MA, sham, and cupping.

The aim of this review is to estimate the effectiveness and safety of ACE on obesity. The paired Student’s t -test was used embeding compare initial and final data in each group.

View at Google Scholar R. Particularly in the last decade, the growth rate of obesity has ascended exponentially. It included the participants with no limitation of age, gender, and type of overweight or obesity, including children obesity and abdominal obesity. J Tradit Chin Med.

View at Google Scholar H. JMGV collected and processed anthropometric and biochemical data, performed statistical analyses, participated in manuscript preparation. Clinical efficacy of simple obesity treated by catgut implantation at acupoints. Most importantly, our results highlighted that acupoint caatgut embedding therapy with moxibustion was also able to reverse insulin resistance, which indicates that acupoint catgut embedding therapy may represent an interesting health strategy to control obesity and its associated comorbidities.

In contrast, in most groups of treatment, body weight and BMI reduction was associated with a significant modulation of biochemical parameters, mainly triglycerides, glucose, and insulin, but not cholesterol.

Acupoint catgut embedding therapy with moxibustion reduces the risk of diabetes in obese women

Electroacupuncture therapy for weight loss reduces serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol levels in obese women. Interestingly, acupoint catgut embedding therapy combined with moxibustion was the only treatment that produced a significant reduction in body weight 3. Each literature of title and abstract was scanned catgit two reviewers Taipin Guo and Sun Tianxiao who have been trained and gained certifications in Chinese Cochrane Centre.


Particularly, triglyceride reduction observed in patients from EA and EAM groups is in agreement with other reports that showed the effect of strong voltage V Hz and dense-disperse wave EA to efficiently reduce triglycerides.

View at Google Scholar Z. Specifically, central obesity seemed more dangerous than systematic obesity, and even with mild obesity the morbidity and mortality of coronary heart disease increased when the waist circumference got bigger [ 9 — 11 ]. Notably, different acupuncture related methods involving the stimulation of body acupoints, have been reported as safe and efficient therapies to reduce body weight and associated parameters.

Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, overweight and obesity related health issues — Implementation Progress Report Mean BMI was between Treatment of obesity requires a balanced diet and physical exercise.

Catgut embedding acupuncture. |

This method often is effective and impressive. Anthropometric parameters, lipid profile, and inflammatory and immunologic markers. Within Korea there is a legend that acupuncture was developed by the legendary emperor Dangun though it is more likely to have been brought into Korea from a Chinese colonial prefecture.

The sample was also very small in most comparisons in this review.