Cancioneiro de Viola Caipira – Vol. 1. Edition: 1. Book condition: Good. Book Description. IRMAOS VITALE, 1. Paperback. Good. E foi em um final de ano, que Tonico e Tinoco partiram de São Paulo para a Cidade de de boas mensagens que se enraizaram em nosso cancioneiro nacional. .. Nesta semana recebi a notícia que a Orquestra de Viola de Guarulhos está.

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As the resolutions of some of the numerous Romanizations 25 were introduced in Brazil, many of the Catholic rites, which here were beginning to take shape, were banned from caipiraa main churches, but resisted even away from the central religious authorities. This style held in the recording market the selling space of authentic country music, also under the name of Country Music.

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On the other hand, the violas in Portugal gradually became restricted to the world of popular culture, where they still remain. The tuning family named natural 4 th perfect, 4 th perfect, 3 rd major, 4 th perfectfrom low to high, similar to Cana Verde 4 th perfect, 3 rd major, 4 th perfect, 4 th perfect or Paraguassu 4 th perfect, 4 th perfect, 3 rd major, 3 rd minorin which the terms perfect, major and minor define the distance between the notes.

Today we find various specimens of woods used in the manufacture of violas, although the most usual model is the one with pinewood top and rosewood sides and bottom. Other musicologists refute this hypothesis due to the lack of primary sources documenting the usage.


As previously mentioned, the history of the viola with the rural man is a long one.

A large part consisted of ballads and poems that were more appropriate to be sent into music. This happened on TV and major radio stations.

There they have dinner and before caipia to bed they make a brief performance, in which their music switches from sacred to profane. Today they are made of nylon; the frets are made of cotton string. We can see from another angle that the “backward man” is in reality the one who resists, who will not give up his culture and viiola for others which in his view are ephemeral and in no way adaptable to his reality. The higher the number of devils, the greater the power of the violist over his instrument.

In academia, some musicologists dw the idea that the viola was used as continuo 21 in the period we know as Brazilian Baroque. Thus, the presence of the Portuguese State in the Northeast led to some elitist ways of playing the instrument. In sixteenth-century Portugal, the violist was already associated with the occult, as seen in the text below: The violist is said to have power over venomous animals, especially snakes.

These distances are what make the melody we sing to be what they are. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. We measure the distances height between the sounds through a unit called tone.

Our violas cancioneiiro descendants of the Portuguese hand violas. Each region created its own viola. Would it not be reasonable to think of any connection between the mejoranera and the viola de cocho cakpira, since the origins of the latter are still so diffuse?


The configuration of the music caipirra had changed since the beginning of the s with the advent of Brazilian rock.

These ensembles usually bring together people from different age groups, different social strata and different educational levels.

Cancioneiro de Viola Caipira – Vol. 1

The distance between each note is measured in a sound unit called tone. However, the legitimization of both the viola and the recordings of country music started cakpira These have always been accompanied by the viola. Magic tricks involving rattlesnakes, vipers and other types of snakes are commonplace.

The world “of sugar mills, friends, lundum TNgames and mulatto women is narrated using a gourd viola which, according to tradition, was made canciioneiro him It has five strings, originally made of guts.

It is often found with twelve strings, but always divided into five courses three pairs and two triplets.

The singing guitar, yo

His exposure to the general public conveyed a different picture of the viola player, which was no longer that stereotypical image left by the urban media. The ve was replaced by the instrumental apparatus of pop bands and Brazilian popular music.

Little or nothing is known about the history of the peasant vioka of the country, mostly deprived from enjoying the benefits of the progress and crops arising from technology.