Badiou and Politics (Post-Contemporary Interventions) [Bruno Bosteels] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Badiou and Politics offers a. _Badiou and Politics_ offers a much-anticipated interpretation of the work of the influential French philosopher Alain Badiou. Countering ideas of the philosopher . Bruno Bosteels Bosteels is particularly skilled at rooting the debt of Badiou’s political philosophy to earlier discussions around structure and.

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Politics is thus an art of the impossible that favours a truth that is universally the same for all, an art that brkno organize a generic equality that could be named communism. Anxiety is now no longer merely the terrifying notion that all is incoherent and that the true nature of self is lack, but rather the understanding of the lack of lack, a revelation itself terrifying albeit in an empowering way.

Bruno Bosteels

Structuralism, then, must be challenged by a new materialism. An event is the most intense and transformational of sites. An event is not the destruction of the set, it is the realization of its multiplicitous nature.

The empty set is, therefor, both foundational and invisible. Badiou and the Politics boeteels Form. One cannot separate the concept from the genealogy of its revelation.

The dialectic of force is seen very much as one of destruction of the old by the new. They wanted to ignore the role of place completely and rely on pure force, pure desire, to change the world, reducing action to an end in itself.


Hannes rated it it was amazing Feb 25, Panagiotis Sotiris – – Historical Materialism 22 Verde marked it as to-read Apr 06, An Interview with P. The state’s representation does not seem to coincide with the real situation.

The not-counting of the inexistent is literally counted within the count of the count. Bosteels does an excellent job tracing Badiou’s Maoism as well as continuation with dialectics. Paul Livingston – – Philosophy Compass 7 5: For Badiou, politics is always the art of the impossible.

He does not wish to obscure his subject’s politics- his role in the French Maoist movement of the s and ’70s, nor does he understand Badiou’s turn towards an ontology of mathematics as a rejection of his former radicalism. Matt rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Bruno Bosteels is a philologist, a translator, an Associate Professor of Pplitics Literature at Cornell University, and the current editor of Diacritics.

Badiou and Politics by Bruno Bosteels

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Forcing the Truth 6. Brendan marked it as to-read Mar 09, Having gotten through this challenging and rewarding tome, I still feel that while Badiou’s thinking appeals to me bosgeels many levels, I cannot shake the suspicion that bosfeels is simply repackaging old, Hegelian ideas in a new philosophical language.


Badiou thinks that if we trace the history of past events, we can see how the impossible is overcome by infinite truths. There was something worth preserving in the Althusserian project, thought Badiou, but it was going to need to be radically transformed.

Badiou and Politics | Duke University Press

As Mao held, contradictions were always acting upon one another, and what was revolutionary in one position may become reactionary in another. Elements of Dialectical Materialism 1 1.

Paul added it Oct 22, A “site,” in Badiou’s terminology, is a point which indexes itself and thereby puts its own “completion” into question. Matthew Cole marked it as to-read Sep 06, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Science Logic and Mathematics. All mathematical sets, and therefor all ontology, proceeds from the empty set, from nothingness, which is included in every set but contains in and of itself as itself a set no elements. This book by Bruno Bosteels, the noted translator of Alain Badiou, impressed me a great deal.