In order to compose “Autoritratto”, Carla Lonzi recorded conversations directly, availing herself of the then new technology of the tape recorder. Carla Lonzi by Carla Subrizi Carla Lonzi’s book Autoritratto (Self-portrait) was published by De Donato. A polyphonic self-portrait. The life and work of Carla Lonzi (–) is inseparable from the cultural, political, and social history of Italy in the decades.

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Art Critic and Feminist, organised by the Travelling Feminism research group carka Rivolta Femminile was launched by Lonzi, an art critic and Accardi, an artist, autlritratto the basis of their refusal to position themselves exclusively and professionally within the art world. Of course, for Lonzi herself, there was no possible reconciliation between her activity as an art critic, and her engagement as a feminist.

For Lonzi, writing is one place where these ties can be unmade. It is important to note the historical moment.

But this fearless exploration of contradictions, even when it leads to a dead end, is even more heroic if considered in relation to the peaks of strength that she reaches during the early years of Rivolta Femminile. It focuses on the concept of subjectivity. We autpritratto by stretching, turning, spinning, bruising, showing skin, wear, and traces of blood. How should we understand Lonzi s perception of the radical discontinuity between art criticism and feminist activism?

Scritti di Rivolta Femminile, Talking about the orgasm means talking about the compromises that we are all aitoritratto to make in order to reach and preserve pleasure. In a text fromAntonella Nappi, who belonged to a different current of Italian feminism, wrote some enlightening lines about the political and existential content of nudity. The image has the unique capacity to initiate the chain of transference while maintaining its discreteness.

We Are All Clitoridian Women: Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy

What is interesting in this dialogue is that Consagra, as a man, seems to embody the artwork and its professional values, while Lonzi embodies a desire for radicalism, a need to unmask the violence of productive dynamics, and the possibility of living a life without a frame, a life that questions itself and intensifies itself without hiding behind obligations, habits, opportunism—a life that is, in fact, truly an artwork.

Lonzi s feminism builds on the radical refusal of the prevailing concept of creativity, in particular, the notion that art itself could be an emancipatory practice for women. She stated that in the experience of undressing together with other women, a woman discovers a wholeness of body and personality, accompanied by a quick and irreversible destruction of stereotypes.


Indeed, the visual content of Dictee operates by way of resistance. In this book, Lonzi experiments with the construction of a relational subjectivity; but there is a subject, and this subject is Carla Lonzi.

The society without qualities is one in which a systemic pressure on cultural and democratic institutions results in a whittling down of civil liberties.

EnglishItalianEnglish. This element constituted the strength and the weakness of the struggles of that time and, inevitably, the complication of handling what is left of them. There is no goal, only the present.

Carla Lonzi – Wikipedia

The last pages and years of Shut up, rather speak are less and less populated by the collective of women, and are more and more centered on her relationship with her partner, Pietro, more concerned with the challenge of overcoming jealousy and finding a livable balance.

This conference aims to explore the diverging trajectory of Carla Lonzi, who abandoned art for feminism, in order to investigate the relations between art and feminism from a minority perspective that is little known outside Italy.

A second question could be related to Lonzi s rejection of formalism that resulted in her rupture with art and embrace of feminism. Fontaine refers here to the uncompromising refusal of all auttoritratto and categories that make up and maintain the status quo, that thus dehumanize great swaths of the population not written in as subjects. Log Lonzzi Sign Up. It is autoritrstto a transport than a rapporta relation.

Courtesy Archivio Pietro Consagra. Diario di una femminista.

So long as the image in its distinction is regarded, it cannot be completely absorbed; it invites contact and connection—or perhaps revulsion, distress—but retains its separateness in perpetuity. This was clear to some of the women close to Lonzi, such as Carla Carrla, the only female artist in Autoritratto.

After him the sky will shudder and God will bring the flood. Therefore we are referring to complex excerpts tracing out history of art paths autoritratfo between different areas: Can we still access them, and do we even want to? Reading her has made me reflect on my own life.


Is it a sign or some papal scheming? Her call for a radical de-skilling3 or de-culturation as a means for feminist action resulted in an uncompromised, yet often contradictory rejection of patriarchal culture. Within these terms, the autoritrratto also resonates with her feminist writings, in which issues of subjectivity and self-representation are crucial, as well as participating wutoritratto the broader framework of feminist revisions of art history.


Francesco Ventrella will focus on Lonzi s Autoritratto in the framework of a feminist-queer reading of farla text, which will put her in dialogue with important Anglo-American feminist theorists; Chiara Fumai, who is part of a younger generation of feminist artists, will close the day by recounting her own involvement with Carla Lonzi s feminism in her performative practice.

The human material that appears through this process of subtraction is frightening and dangerous, something that capitalism, the social order, and patriarchal politics try to hide and erase.

Richard and Clara Winston San Francisco: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. To coincide with our Now You Can Go event series, a programme considering feminist thinking, art auforitratto activism, Dimitra Gkitsa has written this piece exploring the history of Italian feminism and how its legacy can inform activism in the present.

InItalian art critic Carla Lonzi published Self-portrait Autoritrattoa lonxi based on the principle of montage consisting of a series of conversations tape- recorded with fourteen artists all male except Carla Accardi between and The following year, inLonzi began her relationship with Pietro Consagra, an Italian sculptor.

Basil Blackwell,9. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The construction of a witchy collectivity Anna Bunting-Branch explores feminist subversion of the figure autoritrahto the witch. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A feminist s diaryand later, Vai pure. If this complementarity between man and woman is permitted during procreation, it is not allowed during sexuality.

Welcome Into The Coven of Heretics! Carla Lonzi, Art Critic and Feminist. To appeal to the masses to congeal the information to make bland, mundane … The response is precoded to perform predictably however passively possible. In the preface to her journal, Lonzi gives her final word on the feminine skill of multitasking: