Posts about table 54A written by ronmooring. Full access to all ASTM / Petroleum tables (including update): table 5 / 6 / of Observed Density to Density at 15°C and Table 54A Generalized Crude Oils, ASTM D Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement. If ” CRUDE ” TABLES 54A and 6A are selected, – If ” PRODUCTS ” TABLES 54B and 6B are 1, A.S.T.M. TABLES. 2. 3, GRADE, Unleaded Gasoline, QUALITY.

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For all of them the unit can be changed, and existing values will be converted automatically. Register now while it’s still free! Bottom sediment are normally not present on board a chemical or clean oil product tanker and therefore not deducted whereas it astk be present in a dirty oil carrier, but be very difficult to ascertain.

Regardless above stated requirement, an I. Resulting density, viscosity, flash point and pour point are continuously re-calculated as long as the user keeps entering data.

More on that in a later tutorial. The bottom lines and slop tanks can be used in any way the user wants to, they are simply considered as tanks just like the other tanks. Enter the cargo tank calibration tables with D Xwithout applying trim corrections to equivalent volume V O.

Tables 53E, 54E dated Hi, In my recent meetings with a variety of Ship’s officers, including some Engineers, who were interested in knowing more of this, I’ve realized that no training institute actually gives them a complete picture of Tanker cargo calculations.

table 54A – Mooring Marine Consultancy

Do we need to keep the steering gear pumps on once the vessel is alongside? Total observed volume TOV.

Seafarers Question Answers Ask or answer a question on this forum. The tutorials part 8 for the Android version of Cargo Surveyor deals with the Transfer executive summary report. Generation of up to 10 Bills adtm Lading. Creating and editing a bunker report: About half of those entries are pre-configured but can be edited with custom text. The first 4 entries are taken from report settings and can be overwritten manually. Tests and checks mariners must know. ASTM publishes them as an adjunct to D If the tank calibration tables are accurate for this region of the cargo tanks, then this method will give added accuracy to the general method of calculating tank residues after discharge.


The calculation method for the Geometric edition of the Wedge Formula: The following controls are available in the Bunker report editor: Global Survey Solutions was formed to satisfy market demand in reliable user-friendly flexible cargo inspection software applicable for most frequently used cases in order to replace separate home-made templates created by local 54s, which in practice are too far from ideal to satisfy market needs.

An extended layout, which accommodates a minimum of 34 tanks 16 pairs of wing 54aa plus two slop tanks wstm 3 bottom lines, and a maximum of 50 tanks 16 crosses plus two slop tanks and 3 bottom lines. Regardless of which tank you are editing, you can at any time switch between Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil and between before and after.

What is volumetric efficiency of compressor? Is it ok to put the telegraph from full ahead directly to stop engine during emergencies?

Ullage units, either Mtrs or Ft and inches. If this is the first time that you are going to create a VEF report, the list will show only one entry: It is normally applicable only to Crude Oils. This will reset the database asm.

Straight to the point:

You will know what is being worked on and you will see changes first. The resulting density or API is calculated accordingly.

This program allows to use built-in shore tank calibration tables, to download TankMaster data in pre-set Excel format. After a report is created, you can print it using either SI Metric settings or Imperial settings; regardless of what units you have used to enter the 54 in the report, the report will be printed using the general settings as selected.

Blog on same topic Blog you cannot miss! Cargo Surveyor is designed with user convenience and flexibility in mind.


Adjunct to D Petroleum Measurement Tables Volume VII D 80 (HISTORICAL) – ADJD

When you open the app, the first screen that always appears is the layout selection screen, where you will be asked to choose between either the standard or the extended layout: Share your knowledge by writing answers to the question Ask or answer a question. Close this window and log in. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical engineering professional community.

Calculations in Metric units and US customary units for compound of the blend and the blend itself. In the VEF report you can use the setting for selecting version or version table to 45a the number of decimals shown for the VEF.

Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. In order to give you a clearer picture what we offer, we split all information into two parts: Global Survey Solutions Limited.

D is the observed asmt sounding. Fuel blending density after 2nd parcel. H is the reference height of the cargo tank. When you switch the Fuel Oil asmt to Diesel Oil, both daily consumption figures and tank data are displayed for Diesel Oil, and vice versa.

This program has built-in calibration tables of all rail tank cars used in CIS and Baltic countries including the latest types. In the previous session concerning the ullage report we discussed how to enter data in the tank editor.

In my recent meetings with a variety of Ship’s officers, including some Engineers, who were interested in knowing more of this, I’ve realized that no training institute actually gives them a complete picture of Tanker cargo calculations.

The app being used primarily on oil tankers and chemical tankers, we have chosen to give the ashm two different option sets regarding possible tank configurations: