Asar Imhotep studies African Philosophy, Egyptology, and Greek Scholia and History of Scholarship. Asar Imhotep is a software developer and Africana. Asar Imhotep. likes · 44 talking about this. Asar Imhotep is a Computer Programmer, Poet, Photographer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher. The latest Tweets from Asar Imhotep (@imhotep06). Asar Imhotep is a computer programmer, Cultural Theorist and Africana researcher from Houston, TX.

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These are the aear of various African groups. This is an open textured and open-ended project of recovery, reconstruction and effective application. Now the common stock, the ancestral tribe from which all the Negroid tribes of Africa sprang, was known as the Batu, or the Bantu. He informed me of some other things which I will not divulge here.

This regular transmission was interrupted because of an external, extra-African action: Thereby, always are Originals without Mastery of subjects, seeking those with Mastery of subjects; and those with Mastery of subjects, seeking those without. The works of Fu-Kiau grounds us authentically imgotep the African world-view and the Bantu-Kongo becomes a launching pad to speculate more systematically ideas expressed in ancient Egypt.

This text essentially asks the question, “How does our understanding of the word love, linguistically, affect our application of the concept in our everyday lives in intimate and communal relationships? Learn more about Amazon Prime.

The Egyptian priesthoods are not dead: This paper will demonstrate how the study of Egyptian Hieroglyphs can stimulate creativity, fuel innovation and facilitate the continued discovery of imhitep found in nature that can be utilized to revitalize the African-American economic and political industries through science.

Although a culture may be separated by thousands of miles, they still could have had contact with each other by way of mutual enrichment which makes possible the shared lexical items and motifs; without adopting a whole language system.

During this process, the name was matched against an inventory of AA personality traits, values and themes collected by Dr. This is in fact not true.

Again one has to ask, how did he know where asae go after each initiation to learn more? One of these mechanisms is axar paronymy, which is a major source of African myths and rituals. The Spirit Beyond the Heavens more. In modern science this paradigm is called Biomimicry coined by Janine Benyus.


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Early we discussed possibly why African cultures have the same symbolism and concepts intheir religious teachings. This is why African sages rarely answer a question directly. One can see that the man who has become a doma-traditionalis has imotep a seeker and a aasr all his life and will never cease to be one. Continuing our discussion on placing ancient Egyptian culture and thought in its proper African context—in order to better interpret Egyptian phenomena—we will now examine the creation account as expressed through the Bakongo tradition in Most historians posit that this is the result of a common ancestral culture in which all of the modern African cultures developed.

There was only one way to solve this problem.

Asar Imhotep Online Institute

It is how Amen of the Egyptians becomes Imana of Rwanda. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Brother Abongo, one of the hosts of the show, is one of his students out of Atlanta. Language contact makes it difficult for philologists to compare languages because it makes it harder to establish what is loan and what is indigenous.

The opportunity for accomplishment only comes from our Prosperous, Independent African Communities. The Great Knowledge was divided into many parts and subdivisions.

If you guys would just pick up a book and READ, your questions will be answered.

“The African Superhighway of Wisdom” by Asar Imhotep

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Contrary to popular belief, hieroglyphs mdw ntr is more than a writing script, it is a pedagogical tool and method which teaches one how to be inspired by nature and how to imitate its functional genius in order to solve human problems more sustainably.

The Living Suns of Imuotep Nov 20, The Bakala of North America: Then, in every tribe the High Custodian formed a Hidden Brotherhood of High Custodians Secret Society whose duty it was continually to watch the Chosen Custodians ensuring that they had not forgotten anything, allowed nothing to leak to strangers, and imparted to chiefs and certain elders, and Indunas what they were required to know.

As a result of my years of research on the subject, I say it is a bit of both theories with more weight on the later.


“The African Superhighway of Wisdom” by Asar Imhotep – African Blood Siblings

This cultural and spiritual preservation also is the result of very aswr and strict rules of initiation the mode by which initiation knowledge is passed from generation to generation. I can say today definitively that this highway does in fact exist and it is the reason why Nommo of the Dogon is found among the Zulu. The same thing was done to the Medicine-men, the Tribal Narrators, the Woodcarvers and assar forth.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Not only that, he states they were doing a practice that they have done before — thousands of years ago with the Phoenicians. He even went to Australia to learn under the indigenous there. It will also explain why you find certain teachings in one area of Africa zsar not in the other.

The most important obligation was to swear never to reveal the identity of any one of aswr High Hidden Ones, who were given and still are given the reverence and the respect of a Lesser God. Asar Imhotep is a software developer and Africana researcher from Houston, TX whose research focus is the cultural, linguistic and philosophical links between the Ancient Egyptian civilizations and modern Imhptep cultures of central and South Africa. He mentioned that the elders really liked him because he stayed a long time, so they dispensed a lot of information upon him.

The information given to those initiated is not given to the lay public and definitely not to any anthropologists.

What did animals symbolize? One of those elements of agency was a meaningful identity-label created by the people themselves. Imhohep, the Original is by nature a Philosopher.

This exchange of ideas has been going on since before written records and it is this African social practice that makes it difficult for Africanists to pinpoint imhofep origins of ideas without being initiated into African educational systems where they can find out.

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