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In order to extract more meaning from this highly developed doctrine, a further investigation is necessary, something which cannot be pursued here.

From the above it is clear that although the law arbeisongevallenwet not been settled on this point, there is definitely a basis in common law for the recognition of the concept of extended damage.

At this point, one may very well ask whether there is any point in this discussion.

Arbeidsongevallenwet 10 april 1971 pdf

Vanaf dan ging het snel. Vergadering van 20 oktoberStad Brussel, Gemeenteraadsverslagen, Brussel, For the purposes of this discussion, extended damage refers to patrimonial loss suffered by those who have a sufficiently close relationship with the victim of a damage-causing event. The basic idea of this system is that, where a person carries on economic activities by using machinery and the labour of other persons, and in the process creates an organisation that may harm workers, such employer should be responsible for providing compensation without any questions being asked about fault, since the employer gains the economic benefits.

Daarnaast herinneren rampen vandaag, zoals de recente aanslagen in Brussel, eraan dat een ramp een grote impact kan hebben op een maatschappij.

Dat er steeds doden nodig zijn om effectief verandering mogelijk te maken, is een populair verwijt dat in zeker steek hield. L’incidente sul lavoro viene associato, in genere, ad ambienti lavorativi come fabbriche, opifici, o cantieri: Vijftig jaar na de brand mag de relevantie van het Inno-effect, aprkl in de academische wereld als bij het brede publiek, niet vergeten worden.


South African legislation is broadly up to par with international standards.

Geraadpleegd op 5 augustus Vergadering van 4 novemberStad Brussel, Gemeenteraadsverslagen, Brussel, The purpose of this article is to investigate the nature of extended damage and to suggest ways in which the existing system can be reformed to allow for compensation for extended damage. It is only arbeidsongevllenwet an employee intentionally has caused the injury to themselves that he or she forfeits the right to compensation.

A fatal accident at work is defined as an accident which leads to the death of a victim. Typically, a spouse may have to stop working to take care of an injured or ill workman, or a whole family may forfeit opportunities, because of the reduced income of such an employee.

In South African law, the different legislation pertaining to sick leave, personal injury and social arbeidsongevallenqet simply do not relate or interact, let alone acknowledge such a concept as extended damage. This guideline contains a list of injuries and the qrbeidsongevallenwet percentage of disability that is attached to specific injuries.

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On the first element — what constitutes a human being — they comment that it is evident that a human being can potentially suffer damage in one of two ways, namely through damage to his or her physical and psychological health and through damage to his or her environment. Eventually, one can speak of a disaster. For actions based on the latter, the courts need to recognise the concept of extended damage and the fact that parties other than the victim should have actions based on the actio legis Aquiliae.

Only employees that fall within the definition of the Act are protected in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act. Het Inno-effect Dat er steeds doden nodig zijn om effectief verandering mogelijk te maken, is een populair verwijt dat in zeker steek hield. In de praktijk ziet het rechtsbeleid evenwel op tegen een beoordeling van de nodige vervangingsmiddelen.


Viane, Van Steenberge and Lahaye use the following table to illustrate their theories: However, an aspect that has been neglected is the position of the arbeidsongevallewet of such a worker who experience a significant loss of support.

The many disputes on these elements caused the judges to drop them.

Een vijftal minuten later kreeg de brandweer van Brussel de eerste noodoproep binnen, maar zij hadden op dat ogenblik geen idee van de enorme omvang die het vuur zou aannemen. Taking a leaf from the book of the Belgians, South African policy-makers would be well advised to build on the above hypothesis about human damage.

Zakenschade op arbeidsongevalleneet, geisoleerd van de menselijke belangstelling, bestaat niet. Prevention and repair or compensation, on the other hand, are policy issues that draw from various institutions and disciplines in an attempt to create safety and surety about the future.

De ongeschiktheid wordt dus niet meer beoordeeld ten opzichte van het oorpronkelijke beroep van de werknemer, maar ten opzichte van alle beroepen die hij zou kunnen uitoefen, gelet op zijn leeftijd, beroepsopleiding, herscholings-kansen, e.

arbeidsongevallenwet 10 april pdf – PDF Files

Er wordt onderzocht wat de impact van de brand op de Belgische arbeeidsongevallenwet was en op welke manier deze Belgische casus een bijdrage kan zijn voor het nieuwe, interdisciplinaire onderzoeksdomein van de Disaster Studies. The defendant would not pay a greater amount of compensation; rather, the cake would simply be sliced and distributed in a different manner.

Geraadpleegd op 8 juli The First Modern Disastervoorlopige paper, Delaware, Once the employee proves the three required elements, there are two presumptions that operate in his or her favour: