Rio is book 2 in the Tales of the Shareem by urban fantasy, and paranormal romance author Allyson James. Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Welcome to the world of the Shareem, men created solely Rees (Tales of the Shareem Book 1) – Kindle edition by Allyson James, Jennifer Ashley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . Rees (Tales of the Shareem Book 1) and millions of other books are available . Allyson James is a pseudonym of NYT bestselling author Jennifer Ashley and.

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At the same time Jeanne hunts for Eland, intrigued by this man with blue eyes who makes her feel beautiful. Tiger Magic Book 5. The Free Book Cha Maia and Rylan by Allyson James. Sexual appetites pulled a woman down.

Tales Of The Shareem Series

Jamew 17, Mary: They were offered in one of three levels—pure sensual pleasure, games and wicked fun, or the ultimate Dom. In that way the overarching story reminds me somewhat of the Shifters stories that she writes as Jennifer Ashley.

DNAmo, which had thrived for a hundred years breeding the perfect servants and then the perfect males, disappeared overnight. I loved the premise of this book a lady Talenis curious about the Shareem after reading another lady’s diary.

Tiger Magic Book 5. Some action, a story, some excitement. Of course not all women are not interested in exploring their sexuality. The Gathering Book 5: This book was my first foray into this pseudonym. Kieran jeopardizes the safety and freedom of all Shareem by pausing to help Felice, but he also jeopardizes his heart, which was supposed to have been stripped of all deeper emotion.


A sexy story about Rees the gentically modified Shareem created from multiple DNA for the sole purpose of pleasuring ladies, however he had too much of the ‘hotness’ DNA and was deemed too dangerous! Feral Heat Book 6: To ask other readers questions about Reesplease sign up.

Tales Of The Shareem Series by Allyson James

Definitely cheesy, but it did try at romance: The first three full-length novels of the Tales o… More. Double Hexed Book 4: Shadow Walker Book 3. I decided to give this a try because I really like Allyson James and I was looking for something with a little more “spice” I was in shafeem mood, ok? Lone Wolf Book 5: I had no connection with the characters.

See Allyson’s allsyon for current and upcoming books. Calder Tales of the Shareem Jennifer Ashley specializes in shifters romance and historical romance. Even level allyxon could be fun, if a lady enjoyed, say, a little spanking. Maia and Rylan Book 2: Some of My Favorite Moments: Allyson James also writes other other names including Jennifer Ashley. It’s used a lot.

Discover the feelings of my body, and then free myself from them. Jeanne Narren is awakened one night by a pounding on her door—a huge, gorgeous man called Eland falls onto her, begging for water.


Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. The two of course end up have a lot of sex. Jan 24, Jeanne allyso it really liked it. All in all, this was a very enjoyable read to me and I plan to read the next books in the series. Dragon Heat Book 2: They came in three versions: From what I remember, the blurb didn’t suggest anything like that.

Rees was a level all by himself. This website uses cookies for a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic anonymous IPs to improve site performance. In actuallity Rees alluson a genetically experiement gone wrong. I loved the idea of the Shareem and the amount of detail that went into them.

He’s sexy, smart and even capable of humor. The Calling Book 4: Paperbackpages. See also Allyson’s GoodReads jamea for all books under all Allyson James writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotic romance paranormal and futuristic.

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride Book 9: And he is dangerous. Bor Narga was a highly advanced civilization. Yea lots of sex, but I thought uames characters and story were pretty interesting!