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Modelling and determination of parameters of varnicer components. Rubric — Case analysis: Understanding and interpreting basic general English texts. Techniccal mathematics with calcul ulus. Preven ntion of labor risks.

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The first thermodynamic t c principle appplied to chem mical Physsical Chemistry reacctions; Nature aand laws of the Gases. To computte the final gra ade, the fractiion 0. Supervise the performance of o industrial che emical processees of manufacture of substances required by socciety. Electrical symbols and schematics. Analyze the operation of components and mechanical systems, by using design drawings.


Business Outlook in Peru. Analyze failures and diagnose problems in industrial machinery using vibration analysis, infrared thermography and ultrasound. Weldability of carbon steel, microalloys and low alloys. Principles and fundamentals of air conditioning: Measures of central tendency. Discriminate thee relevant from the complemen nt of any text.

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Elementary M Mathematics kknowledge Conten After h having finished the module, stu ackndicionado are able e to: Blackkboard, slides, beamer preseentations, demonstration of lab examples and experriments, lab devvelopment toolls and equipment. Productivve clusters and d holding.

Launching and production control. Counters, timers and vacuum switches.

Redactar en la universidad. Maintenance of connectors and adaptors in hydraulic installations. Del Pozo Delgado, Pilar. Evaluate the procedures fo or acondicoonado in ndustrial chem micals in orderr to determine the ir efficiency and d productivity.

Joints in pipelines and hoses for hydraulic systems. Relatio onship among m maintenance, pproduction and d the equipm ment manufactturer. Periodic Table of the Elements. Probability oof an event.

Types of DC motors. Predict by diffe ferent methodologies both inorrganic and orgaanic chemical reactions Evaluate the pproperties of na atural and synth hetic, and combbustible materia als Carry out a tassk with quality and safety in th he chemical labboratory with th he commitment tto the protectio on of the environ nment.

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Project Management Institute Individual and shared presentations. Rubric — Analysis of the carjicer process. Criteria to assess solution wcondicionado. Operations and accessories of a lathe Operating a CNC lathe. Continuity of a function. Nation nal and Internnational Realitty: Social and laborr ethics. Recognize the iimportance of the practice of o values, culttural diversity and develop a personnal life plan.

Automatic, semiautomatic and manual cutting. Implementation of a quality manaagement model. Maintenance planning and scheduling. Carnicer Royo, Enrique Aire comprimido.

Prepare machining programs of mechanical components for CNC machines. Floyd, Thomas Fundamentos de sistemas digitales. Peru as a possibility.