Jun 18, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module G – Against The Giants – AD&D. This module contains background information, referee’s notes, two level maps, and exploration matrix keys. It provides a complete module for play of ADV. This material was originally published as three separate adventures; G1 If you enjoy this module, watch for future releases in the AD&Dâ„¢ line from TSR, The.

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Escort a troublesome Prophet and the relic he carries on a dangerous overland journey in the adventure, Honor Guard. If the DM wishes, there is a tunnel that leads deep into the earth; to the home of the drow.

Against the Giants – Wikipedia

Hot on the trail of the marauding slavers, you and your fellow adventurers plunge deep into hostile Ac&d. Once there, the PCs are given the opportunity to remove Lolth permanently from their campaign, for demons or devils killed on their home plane are permantly destroyed.

Angered by this, the human rulers hire a group of adventurers the player characters to “punish the miscreant giants.

This module was first conceived by E. But to solve the forest’s puzzle, the heroes must first survive its danger. Night is falling and promises even colder temperatures; you wish this place had even a bush to burn as firewood.

Archived from the original on 20 April The human nobles equip the party with weapons and horses, along with a guide and a add that shows the location of the hill giants. Instead, he points to the ground in front of him, “Look there. You and your fellow adventurers have been recruited to root out and destroy the source of these raids.

Steading and Glacial Rift were eight pages long, while Hall was 16 pages in length, and each featured an outer folder. Either way, a safe, hidden cave is easily found for a base of operations.

The “Giant” modules were set in the Greyhawk campaign setting, [7] and formed the lead-in to an overall campaign that then continued on an odyssey into the Underdark. In Pellham’s time of greatest need, a long-dead king will rise to restore order. Here are important guidelines on how to design a tournament for your own use, as well as, scoring sheets and ad&&d useful aids for running a tournament.


Kurt Butterfield reviewed Hall of the Fire Giant King for The Space Gamercommenting that “the scenario is well thought out and nicely detailed,” and includes “some intriguing special instructions given for deviously playing several of the intelligent inhabitants of the dungeon”. Describing the difficulty of battling the fire giants he said, “remember Bambi Versus Godzilla?

This module contains a challenging setting, a scoring system and characters specially prepared for this adventure. It has an “EX” designation to indicate that it is an extension of a regular dungeon level. Hours of adventure and excitement lie between these covers. Whoever is responsible, the statue must be recovered, at any cost. We never finished it. Ultimately he found the errors minor, and easily fixed. The leader of the fire giants is King Snurre Iron Belly, and his hall is made of obsidian and natural caverns.

Hall of the Fire Giant King. The Fire Giant ax&d perhaps their greatest foe. The module may thus be used for private competition among players, or as a seperate, non-scored adventure! Interior art was provided by David A.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) Modules A-G – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Slave raiders scour the countryside, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Contains portions of Arcane Wisdom, a Dragonquest rules supplement. I eventually want to start them on a campaign, but this tournament module was a great warm-up.

Now, the clerics of a seaside town have proven that some unusual items are indeed from the legendary city – and two priests involved in the process, as well as a mysterious stranger, are missing.

Summing up, he said “No DM should be without them, for even if he never gets a chance to run them, they are a source of much excellent design quality. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The former equipped with powerful magic items called tentacle rods, which attack as 6 HD monsters independent of the rod wielder.


You have been chosen to prove that this is the time of the prophecy. The first top level includes the queen’s rooms, barracks, and kennels. Bambra says that he “would suggest not playing these unless you have been playing for a few years, success depends more on player skill than on high character levels and DMing adventures of this level can be a nightmare unless you have had plenty of experience.

If you seek rich reward and the oppurtunity to delve into mysteries ancient and lost, bring this bottle forthwith to my demesne in the village of Volkumburgh. This page was last edited on 25 Julyat Players, even novices, will always surprise you. It houses chambers of spiritual interest to the fire giants. There is a hall that houses the dead fire giant kings, and rooms for worship. After defeating the jarl, the adventurers have a chance to pull an iron lever which will transport them near to Snurre ‘s hall from Hall of the Fire Giant King.

The module climaxes with an epic battle with Lolth’s avatar. Interesting story behind DQ1 over at The Acaeum.

TSR 1st Edition Ad&d 1978 G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief

These house troglodytesbugbearsand carrion crawlers. How deeply are your party members involved in all of this? But beware, hundreds of good men and women have been taken by the slavers and have never been seen or heard from again! A biting wind from the north drives through your wet clothes, chilling you to the bone.

Being an intelligent monster, he targeted the magic-user, with devastating effect.