A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah – Sister Souljah’s New York Times bestselling sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever—this The Porsche Santiaga Story. A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah – THE SEQUEL MILLIONS OF READERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR At last The Porsche Santiaga Story. By Sister. A Deeper Love Inside opens with ten-year old Porsche Santiaga serving time in a juvenile prison for attempted murder. The narrative proceeds.

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A previously independent woman gives up her whole life to be totally dependent on a man, have his pogsche and follow him around. The sky is above us.

Not the teenage love part of it She didn’t depeer their father as a character at all. Feb 01, Andre rated it liked it. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A conversation with African writers and readers, IN Africa. Finally, we get to Brooklyn and that’s where things get a bit tricky for me. Porsche hooks up with an older girl of fourteen.

Often black men don’t fare well in the hands of Black female authors, and some of these authors are routinely celebrated. Accra, I already love you! Love is the reason behind all of Porsche’s actions- whether good or bad.

A deeper love inside : the Porsche Santiaga story in SearchWorks catalog

Mar 04, Jammie rated it really liked it Recommended to Jammie by: She was so strong with everyone else but with him completely weak. Passionate and loyal to the extreme, Porsche refuses to accept her new life in group homes, foster care and juvenile detention after her wealthy family is torn apart.

Another thing that I found interesting could be seen in another novel I like Life of Pi. Naturally, I look up to her. The book starts off with Porsche’s love affair with her family. I had a queen-sized bed when I was seven years old. We all had them, some of us longer than others. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. The book mainly focuses on how Porsche coped with being sent to juvy juvenile detention center after her family was separated by the arrest of her father who was a drug lord.


A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story

I have a house and a family. While winter fought to prove she was the “Baddest Bitch” and was all about her self, Porsche was fighting to recreate her family. If I had wanted to sit through a sermon Aa would have gone to church and I am sure I would have enjoyed the experience better. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: U just have 2 read it cause I have no words. The part Porsche Santiaga was completely opposite of Winter. sanyiaga

You were shown how a person was, not told what to think about them. Dec 29, Terri rated it liked it.

They have a job to do and until santiagga system is fixed they have to work like the rest of us. I also think Souljah created this to juxtapose to borrow one of the vocab words Porsche picked up in the book a path of earning wealth, status and fame through legitimate means and positive talents as opposed to the drug dealer’s path.

Books should do more than entertain you. Similar to Midnight, Porsche is a ten year old child living independently and finds enough hustles that within about four years, she has 50k. I have been pondering my review for the last day.

A Deeper Love Inside | Book by Sister Souljah | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The music plays in my head, sounding crisp like it did back in Brooklyn. In addition, I understand that Sister Souljah is for the empowerment of black people but what I don’t get is that oorsche the end of the book after that character has traveled the world, got married, had child, became a millionaire that she had no incentive to get a dictionary or learn more to know the meaning of words instead of asking her man all the time.


The second half of the book has Porsche back in her old Brooklyn neighborhood, after a crazy escape from juvenile jail essentially pulled off by children, trying to find and then save her mother. Passionate and santiga to the extreme, Porsche refuses to accept her new life in group homes, foster care, and juvenile detention after her wealthy family is torn apart.

For me the book could have ended around chapter 47 or Porsche’s initial goals are simple—return to her Long Island mansion and reclaim the lavish lifestyle her family once lived. I hated to love it. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

One trek through the ghetto was enough for me. This is being herald as the sequel to the Coldest Winter Ever. I was left at home when they arrested my mother.

Souljah seems to draw these youngsters as super-exceptional. Sister Souljah is a terrible author, but I couldn’t put this book down. We three sisters were separated and trapped in the system.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Poppa is like a cup of black tea with a whole lot of heavy cream mixed in. The guard dogs and locked gate make it impossible for them to complete their money finding dig.