6SEUDAA1. –. –. – .. Instruction Manual for details. LC filter and sinusoidal .. General installation instructions. Availability of the. (n. di ordinazione 6SE . You will find the Operating Instructions on the Docu CD delivered with your inverter. If and Notes contained in these manuals. MICROMASTER kW – kW. Operating Instructions. Issue 12/ User Documentation. 6SEAWBP0.

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Page 93 This setting should be changed if a maximum frequency of higher than 50 Hz is required.

Siemens MICROMASTER 440 Quick Start Manual Page 15

The drive unit may not be used as ‘Emergency switching-off device’ refer to EN9. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Table Parameter Attributes This is especially important for applications e.

Fixed Frequencies ff 2 techniques. Thermal Motor Model The data, required for the thermal motor model, is estimated from the rating plate data refer to Fig. Page P or 0 Hz for the direction of rotation inhibit the setpoint speed for the 6se6440-2jd21-1aa1 is obtained r Page Page – Table Important parameters for the All of the drives must be operated with closed-loop Vector speed control with or without speed actual value encoder The ramp-up and ramp-down times of the ramp-function generator must be identical for all of the drives.

DC link voltage limit r refer to Fig.

Page 29 – Fig. This will be shown in the following example using the fixed frequency P and digital input 1 refer to Fig. Power Module Protection “Warning and response” column can be modified by the user to optimize the system. Table Compliance Table Unfiltered units, all voltages and powers.


This means that it is not possible to save a parameter set on the BOP. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. An appropriate signal can be generated by smoothing the analog signal P refer to Section 3. P and DIP switch on the pulse encoder module Manuzl 47 The drive unit may not be used as ‘Emergency 6se6440-2ud21-1sa1 device’ refer to EN9. When this function is used within a control loop, this smoothing has a negative impact on the control behavior and immunity to noise the dynamic performance deteriorates.

If a line supply failure interrupts commissioning, then inconsistencies can occur regarding the parameterization.

The following data sets apply: Depending on external circumstances, the supplementary setpoint can be dynamically disconnected or switched-in to the summation point refer to Fig. Table Important Parameters For The Pid Dancer Roll Control This loop represents the difference between the material fed-in and that fed-out and therefore indicates the process quality.

For further information about options, please refer to the catalog or the documentation CD. The connection of power, motor and control cables to the inverter must be carried out as shown in Fig. Table Voltage Boost the motor overheats! By using indexing, several different settings can be saved for each parameter which can be activated by changing-over mnaual data set i.

Page 85 If problems occur during the identification run, e. Time t [h] Fig. Jog In addition to the explicit parameterization P and Pthe JOG functionality is also enabled via parameter P or P implicit parameterization. A wire breakage or short circuit of the temperature sensor mamual is also monitored.

Siemens MICROMASTER Operating Instructions Manual (Page 10 of 78)

This loop represents the difference between the material fed-in and that fed-out and 6se6440-2ud21-1aq1 indicates the process quality. Page NOTE If the drive inverter fan fails, this would be indirectly detected by the measurement of the heatsink temperature. Page – Load torque monitoring Page Page – Thermal motor protection 6se64400-2ud21-1aa1 overload re P “Holding brake release delay” refer to Fig. If the operating range of the motors is entered in this status, this can result in death, severe injury or material damage.


This measure is important to ensure that air gaps and creep distances are observed.

C Point 1 Point 2 Fig. This connection is normally used to ground the motor. The drive and braking torque are controlled independently of the speed Full holding torque is possible at 0 speed These advantages are, under certain circumstances, already achieved without using speed feedback.

This value specifies the maximum permissible power, whereby different limits can be parameterized for motoring and regenerative operation. Microprocessor-based converters from 15a to a for variable speed dc drives pages.

The wire shields should be fastened to the metallic manal surface as close as possible to the components. Got it, continue to print. In order to carry-out the residual distance calculation on the load side, the mechanical arrangement of the axis gearbox ratio, linear 6ee6440-2ud21-1aa1 rotary axis must be appropriately parameterized refer to Fig. Page — both in the drive converter as well as in the connected drive unit or in the connected option module.

DC braking refer to Section 3. There is danger of injury when the fan is running.