Buy Analogue input module,IE8 mA IE8. Browse our Mfr. Part No. IE8; Brand Allen Bradley I/O,module,Flex User Manual. Legislation. (Cat. No. IE8 Series B). 4. 1. 3. 2. 5. 6. 7. Module Installation. This module mounts on a terminal base unit. 1. the module. Installation Instructions. User manual • Read online or download PDF • Rockwell Automation IE4XOE2,IE8,OE4,D FLEX I/O ANALOG MODULE User.

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You can disable BTRs, or add interlocks to prevent writes if desired. Data Format The data returned from the analog-to-digital converter in the module is bit resolute.

This could result in unwanted or incorrect action. Thereafter, the program continuously performs read block transfers and write block transfers.

Channel 2 Safe State analog value – 12 bit left justified two’s complement number; unused lower bits are zero; 4 20mA uses all 16 bits. When you remove or insert a module with field-side power applied, an electrical arc 194-ie8 occur.

Remove field-side power before removing or inserting the module.

Underrange bits U for individual channels 4 20mA current 1794-oe8 only Bit 00 corresponds to input channel 0, bit 01 corresponds to input channel 1, and so on. Bit 00 corresponds to input 0, bit 01 corresponds to input 1, bit 02 corresponds to input 2, and bit 03 corresponds to input 3. Worn contacts may create electrical resistance.

Rockwell Automation 1794-IE4XOE2,1794-IE8,1794-OE4,D17946.5.2 FLEX I/O ANALOG MODULE User Manual

For example, for the 8 input analog module, you have 9 input words, and 6 output words. The software configurable features available majual We design, manufacture and support a broad range of automation products worldwide.

Configure select bits C for individual channels – Bit 08 corresponds to input channel 0, bit 09 corresponds to input channel 1, and so on. Interruption of the flexbus can result in unintended operation or machine motion. The number is positive if the sign bit is 0 and negative if the sign bit is 1. Remove the cover plug if used in the male connector of the unit to which you are connecting this terminal base unit.


The second compute instruction has a final destination of an integer location. Marketing Communications, Allen Bradley Co.

If the adapter does not recognize your module after installation is completed, cycle power to the adapter. In addition, range selection bits have been revised to include an Manjal condition. The two’s complement of 0 then is still 0. Channel 1 Safe State analog data sign bit. If using Series A modules, do not use configure 1794-iie8 and full range bit settings of 0.

For specific information required by ENsee the appropriate sections in this publication, as well as the following Allen-Bradley publications: Do not exceed a maximum of eight terminal base units in your system. These instructions let the adapter obtain input values and status from the module, and let you send output values and establish the module’s mode of operation. Full range bits F for individual channels – Bit 00 corresponds to output channel 0, bit 01 corresponds to output channel 1, and so on.

The first word of input data sent by the adapter is the Adapter Status Word. Repair and Exchange Services.

These programs show you how to: Manuaal of this Manual. Reproduction of the contents of this copyrighted publication, in whole or in part, without written permission of Allen—Bradley Company, Inc.

Refer to Appendix B for more information. Separate power connections may be necessary. Since there are many 1794-je8 and requirements associated with any particular installation, Allen-Bradley does not assume responsibility or liability to include intellectual property liability for actual use based upon the examples shown in this publication.


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Rotate the keyswitch 1 on the terminal base unit 2 clockwise to the position required for the specific type of analog module. In this manual, we show: Block transfer reads are performed to retrieve information from the module. When set 1indicates either a broken or open input wire, or input current is at or below 4mA. Change Bars The areas in this manual which are different from previous editions are marked with change bars as shown to the right of this paragraph to indicate the addition of new or revised information.

Two compute instructions are needed because of the way the destination value will be rounded if we use an integer location instead of floating point in the first compute instruction. If the terminal base does not lock in place, use a screwdriver or similar device to move the locking tab down, press the terminal base flush with the DIN rail and release the locking tab to lock the base in place.

Engineering and Field Services. We recommend you frequently backup your application programs on appropriate storage medium to avoid possible data loss.

Rockwell Automation

1794-if8 The manual helps you install, program and troubleshoot your modules. The two’s complement of 0 is not found, since no first “1” is ever encountered in the number. This bit is set to 1 when all bits in the configuration register write word 3 are 0 unconfigured state.

Appendix C also includes an example of scaling.