Trust Bear was created to help new and existing Online communities find trusted Moderators or Admins to help run a community be they temporary or permanent. Sometimes the biggest problem with creating a brand, community, or event is finding a stable team to help keep things running. Our team is trained in all forms of social media management and moderation including Twitter, Facebook, Steam Groups, Twitch, and Discord. Every six months we vet our moderators to make sure they are still up to our high standards of management.


Each moderator must pass the following tests before being able have an application on the site.


- Comment Crowd Control - How well can the moderator handle a massive influx of Internet trolls.

- Level Headed - Can the moderator take the abuse of the Internet and not stoop to their level.

- Emergency Response Time - How fast can a moderator responded to a situation when not near the computer.

- Reachability - How easy is it for a user or Admin to reach the moderator to resolve a situation.